Lav-Monthly Horoscopes for May 2021st


This month is not an easy task gave Lions who have their primary relationships or marriages. There is no indication that they will come to any major rift, friction between you and your partner, but what is evident is a kind of detachment and distance that you can not manage to overcome. You’re both focused on their personal priorities and leave little time for fellowship, for connection, for building relationships. If this pace proceed further, you also are aware that it will not be good for the relationship, so I would advise that if you, being in this month a lot more stable than a loved one, make some concrete moves towards recovering the love in your relationship. Job responsibilities and will therefore escape and “pinch” a bit of time and restore your relationship in some more peaceful, stable water. If you get the chance, advice is that even in the third decade take a few days for yourself and for your loved one. It will be evident increase passion, however let’s not even through the bedroom settle the situation ….. freely over the business environment, or through friends and acquaintances are open to opportunities to enter into a new story. However, the second part of May is much better because you have more time in your “mood”, the mood, witty, communicative and ready to enjoy the magic of love. Only recommendations for you – rub past and already, finally, completely close that door.


In the business segment, the Lions have a complicated situation. While on the one hand, the retrograde planets (and among them was the ruler of the field work and money, Merkur) complicate and prolong progression, on the other – a lot of career field and new moon in this field, as well as direct the movement of Jupiter in the field of work and money – giving great support for all your efforts. In the first two decades of this split will be evident, however, we strongly recommend that you make during this period what leads you to your form on the right way, and that’s patience, practicality and composure. Cities no hurry, because it will only introduce the errors or omissions in communication and dealings with co-workers, and can also bring problems Papiroloski nature. Do not forget that during the May superiors completely on your side, so do not squander this trust but do your best to prove yourself in the right way. Entering its third decade, stimulating period opens in front of you, and it’s time for the strongest and most stable financial inflows.


You are aware that your health is not exactly the brightest in this period, but honestly – do not even bother much to fix. The recommendation is for you more movement, but also more rest, relaxation, and in terms of nutrition, you can now make some significant improvements for the better. Elders still standing chronic problems.