Lav-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

Leo is a sign of great physical and mental strength, of great potential that will undoubtedly make use of in the right way. His appetites are huge, firm will and confidence expressed. He knows what he wants and how to achieve it. To understand Lava, should review its environment – private, professional and social. Leo is one that has a dominant role, or at least trying to achieve. All he does is from the heart, but also for some. He acts as an actor on the stage; even when I imagined that he was being watched and evaluated. He needs attention, admiration, adoration, applause! The fruits of his talent and creativity are void if they are not exposed to other people’s views. Although he does not lack self-confidence and self-esteem and selfishness in abundance, too vain but sometimes can not realistically assess the situation.

I envy those who have more of it, but it will help others when they notice that they have certain abilities. He likes to be the sponsor, the initiator and protector, is very generous in society, and especially to those who are loyal to him and whom he loves. Without it, the world would be boring; it is he who will give you all the larger, stronger spice and splendor. He does not care anything average. He longs for fame and honors, titles, gifts and praise. Heavier luxury, and has an unerring instinct to recognize the true value. It is very emotional, loud and arrogant, and often exaggerates the experience and description of something; if there is no drama, it will be invented!