LAV wanted prestige, FISH seeking love: Without these things zodiac signs can not imagine LIFE!

Without which you can not imagine life: Taurus can not do without sleep, food and money while Virgin of the most important safety, moderation and red.


Independence, movement and power make you happy because you need freedom. You do not like anyone to take the accounts and submit to you some control. Action to you is often more important than the final result, and the accumulation of obligations you not to worry, as they often do on vacation.


Without sleep, food and money you can not imagine life. You need at least seven to eight hours of sleep. You are a great gourmet and generally love to cook, but when your love of food leads to excess weight, speed resort to diets. When you have no money, you slept prefer the “bad dream”.


Freedom, intellectual dynamism and communication are the three magic words in your life. Your curious and inquisitive nature encourages you to always discover something new, and desire for knowledge leads you in different situations that stimulate your intellect. Do you enjoy when you are presented with an audience that listens to you.


You can not imagine life without family, kindness and harmony. If you miss family, you can feel the physical pain. Your weapons are kindness and helpfulness, as long as you need for harmony seems inclined to retreat into their own world. In this way you avoid dealing with the harsh everyday life.


What is Lav no reputation, opulence and entourage? Enjoy the power and glory of the class, the family, in the workplace. Strive for high goals and want others to see how you have everything. You need an entourage of followers, which are in good relations with their relatives and acquaintances, which are seeking to expand their influence.


The three main things in your life are safety, moderation and order. Rather opt for long-term security than for spontaneous enjoyment. You do not like to waste money, time and energy. I always like to know where you are and who you can count on, and follow the regulations to simplify life.


Balance, comfort and communities are most important to you. Do not submit any exaggeration in anything and prefer to keep things in balance. Rest is important for your weak point, baptism, and to get some rest, you need the comfort. Marriage is ideal for your character, because it has an innate gift for life in the community.


Three key things in your life, sexuality, domination and play. To be able to function normally, your erotic life must be rich. Difficult to accept equal relations because compared to others, you must have a dominant role. Do you like to take that risk, so you play the best helps you to relax.


No socializing, and travel planning, you do not live like that. You need the support of friends, even though you do not like for anyone to cling too. I love to organize trips, excursions and outings. In front of you always have to have a plan that pulls you forward, and the best you feel when you are away from home.


You need understanding, status and order to function perfectly. Those who want to gain your trust only needs to show understanding for you. From infancy are you cooking up a plan to climb to the top, where you will be independent and free. Perfectionism, persistence and constancy are your main assets.


Independence, freedom and fraternity. Do not submit imposed connection is not possessive person, but know how to show great emotion. You are a dreamer and an idealist, constantly looking for something new and exciting. Understand and plan, because you except Saturn, managed and Uranus, the planet’s future, and the best you feel when you help others.


In life you needed love, religiosity and attention. From love can literally make you sick, but love can and you heal. I keep looking for someone who could give you protection. Through prayer and meditation, you achieve peace of mind. You’re a good assistant, always ready to sacrifice for colleagues.