Learn how to ZODIJAK LOVES: One sign of a kiss is better than sex!

Each zodiac sign is love in a different way. Scorpio love to kiss long and passionately, a Gemini slowly and gently. Find out what kind of kisses adorn our zodiac and on the basis of “art” to select a character that is not suit you!


The energetic and powerful! Aries knows how to channel the incredible energy into a hot kiss, you’ll long remember. Kissing perceived as anything else – very impulsive. So get ready for the fireworks!


Gently, sensual and solid – this is a Taurus! Therefore, their connections and last much longer than the other signs. Another reason is their sense of touch – the way you touch the bull’s hand shows exactly that is getting ready to kiss you. Sometimes Taurus kiss means much more! More than a sexual act.


If you’re quick, sexy and entertaining, Gemini will want more. And if you refuse, that’s it, you know that you blew it. Kiss them is not so important, but the decisive factors for a serious relationship your qualities and charisma.


Crabs are warm and brutally honest. They love home and family atmosphere. When he loves, Leo is superb and probably not with him stop at just one kiss.


If you like a Pisces, know that you’re certainly not the only one in line for a kiss. He’ll get only if the maximum try and show their feelings. Very simple.


People under this sign hate dirt, disorganization and chaotic orkuženje. Try to kiss be gentle and pure. Save passionate exchange of saliva for another time.


Scales are one of the most romantic zodiac signs. Therefore give her the most romantic and most passionate kiss ever. The good news is that it will respond in kind.


There is one word that describes the Scorpio at any time of day or night – passion. Scorpio approaches everything with a lot of passion. Therefore, you can only imagine what happens when they stand face to face with the person they like.


Shooters always want more, especially when it comes to kissing. Therefore, if you want to kiss a Taurus, know that it will not be difficult. Do your best to be perfect, because you will have many rivals.


Goats can be very difficult when it comes to romance. You need a long time to prepare the ground before you go into action, but it will be worth the effort. Let your kiss is elegant, sophisticated and sexy.


Aquarians prefer sudden, passionate kisses and different. If you’re up for the challenge, approach them, look them in penetrating eyes and go!


Before you approach the fish, well it sprays the perfume sitting, but not too hard. Let kiss be gentle and soft. Slowly sail into romance with this very sensitive and romantic character.