LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR MARRIAGE: Marriage reveals the greatest number of weaknesses in the love relationship!

According to numerology, our double code reveals a lot about the love relationship!

According to ancient beliefs, various issues present in our lives have a huge impact on us, and their study deals with numerology.

Thus, for example, our number of double plays an important role in the development of marriage. Numerologists believe that double the number of pairs revealed major weaknesses, but we are aware of them helps us deal with it.

Check that you numerologists ascribe weakness and how to deal with them cope.

First, find out which is the personal number you and your partner (adding date of birth until they reach a single digit number), and then add up the two numbers.

For example, your number is 5, and the personal identification number of your partner 3. Finally you get 8. Remember to double-digit code must always be reduced to single digits. For example, 7 + 4 = 11, 1 + 1 n = 2.

Now add up the digits of the date of the wedding and add it to the sum of individual numbers.

For example, the sum of personal numbers is 8, and married you 12.08.2018.

1 + 2 + 0 + 8 + 2-0 + 1 + 8 = 22
2 + 2 = 4
4 + 8 = 12
1 + n 2 = number of double 3


WEAKNESSES: The tendency of communication in passive-aggressive tone, rather than direct and honest communication that would help the couple deal with the problems. Great role to play ego which partners severely hamper the key moments. One half of the pair takes a dominant role, and the other is timid.

TIP: Learn to troubleshoot their own self-esteem by doing what you love, and not doing anything to make beloved. You can not always have control over everything. You must accept the partners, with all its strengths and weaknesses and keep in mind that nobody is perfect.

WEAKNESSES: The general lack of communication. You’re too sentimental and often do not know how to separate emotion from reason which leads to making wrong decisions. Communication problems lead to alienation.

TIP: A love relationship is characterized by unity and partnership. You are not alone in the marriage, everything you share with another person and do not you forget it. It is the sense of community that we need to strengthen in order to overcome the problems in the relationship.

Disadvantages: Difficult forgive and never forget. Sometimes you feel that you are not good enough, but to conceal the sarcasm that allows you to communicate with your partner brings more harm than benefits. The tendency of giving promises will not be fulfilled.

TIP: You must eradicate their personal insecurity before going to solve common problems. Only you will also be able to receive a quality affair. Let honesty becomes a priority in communication because without open discussion, you will find out what the real cause of the disagreement.

WEAKNESSES: Stubbornness and the need to control. In contrast to the double pairs with number 2, which often are reacted in accordance with emotions, and not enough in accordance with the reason, couples with a double number 4 not enough taken into account emotions.

TIP: Relax, become more flexible and more Please follow the mutual attitudes. Accept the fact that no compromise is simply no successful love relationship.

WEAKNESSES: You are impulsive and often inconsistent. Ready to sudden changes, but actually with them badly worn.

TIP: Reduce appetite and slow down. No hasty decisions than think carefully before you make a change and make sure before that consult with a partner. Do not disconnect from one another potentially disruptive life decisions.

WEAKNESSES: You’re a real perfectionist in everything even in love. You expect a perfect relationship, and when they fail to achieve Indulge yourself grief, but not work on your marriage. Too hesitant in all areas.

TIP: In the moments when problems occur on the emotional level, marriage, you must become a priority. Do not push the problems under the carpet – face them.

WEAKNESSES: You’re impatient, prone to mood swings and you need to always be right. You are suspicious nature and easy to lose confidence.

TIP: Try to be more tolerant and to have more understanding. Talk with your partner is not a competition where you have to win, it’s a tool that strengthens your relationship.

WEAKNESSES: Easy planet and then drag themselves rather than reasonably settle the conflict. The acquisition of material goods on the list of priorities of both partners, and problems in the financial area can have a negative impact on their relationship.

TIP: Material goods are important, but not necessarily bring happiness. True happiness does not come from money, but from your personality. You can buy only short-term happiness. At key moments during the disputes, finances put aside and focus on the emotions.

WEAKNESSES: You’re very emotional, constantly looking for emotional excitement, are able to find drama where there is none or create yourself.

TIP: Do not rush in the direction of the storm because it is the most beautiful sailing in calm seas. Every marriage needs a little excitement, but do not create negative behavior and emphasizing the negative thinking.