Legend of Midgard-earth-past is hidden from us the fog of reality …..

The past is hidden from us the fog of reality and to reconstruct images of the same, we have to rely on preserved traces of the past. Unfortunately, the actual artifacts from the past is not so much left. Many of them are deliberately destroyed in the past by social parasites, particularly in the last thousand years. Were destroyed and written sources, ultimately, social parasites have perfectly understood that only by destroying the truth about the great history of the White Race, will be able to impose her Robski philosophy. However, the guards still managed to save part of the written knowledge! They passed through the centuries. Slaviano-Aryan Vedas – books that are real, irrefutable evidence of ancient times, and the authenticity of information stored in them … They speak about the events related to the occurrence DaArije, colonies of white people, established in the North continent Midgard – Earth about 605,000 years ago; talking about the special status of these colonies, the continuous space ratovovima between the forces of darkness and the forces of Light, the first planetary catastrophe … 600,000 thousand years earlier, led to continuous (until now) cosmic wars between the forces of the world (the creators) and the forces of Hell (parasites ) … Far from cosmic battle, at the edge of the galaxy, called the Milky way, it is a beautiful country Midgard. 600 000 years before the country Midgard already existed ecological system with conditions suitable for the existence of humanoid species. The natives of Midgard were neandertalci.Saglasno legend intergalactic ship (vajtmar) refugees from the destroyed planet emergency landing at the Midgard. Part of the refugees remained in the country after resolving problems with the boat. Many facts speak about how to stay on the land of Midgard was not accidental. For example, the discovery in the village Tisuljsko Ržavčik in Znakomstva many other discoveries. A colony of the white race was created in the northern continent, where there were indigenous people – Neanderthals. At that time in this northern continent was very mild and warm climate, cities, created refugees were velelpni and grandiose in size. “I began to live in families in that grace ancient end of the beginning of time blagodejstvija, when they are still our big Prapreče night in heaven watching three of the Moon, where our three bright Jarilo-sun did not want to go to bed just to watch the pious work of all bright celestial gods and beautiful creations of their descendants in blagodatnoj Midgard-earth. “All in bright coalition force without exception that colony on the edge of the galaxy are assigning a particular meaning. Particular importance was reflected in the fact that the countries of the world midgard Forces conducted an experiment whose goal was to create a rational being fundamentally new type. In other words, on our Midgard country gathered not just refugees from various planet earth, inhabited the White Race, but representatives of those civilizations, which they carried in themselves the best genetics, which allows them to reach a level creator (status of the Gods). Only in this way could be to find a principled solution to the problem of struggle with the dark forces, the cosmic wars that did not stop. “The soul of Midgard called the choirmaster dreams because the collected wisdom of many Star you keep those who dwelt in the world.” In the land of Midgard collected wisdom of many star – that would be raised by the hierarchy of the Light Force, the gods were bound, reaching a maximum on their home planet Earth, to come to the land of Midgard to extend its evolutionary move forward! In SLAVJAN Aryan Vedas talk about it, that Gold Put spiritual progress of our universe, note, not of our galaxy, but actually the universe, the earth begins to Midgard. “At the foot of the Golden Times of the holy men, and rising man in the Senior Council or a Higher Reality is only possible which should result from spiritual development. Therefore, the Council of Gods people coming and coming teachers of mankind. “The representatives of an ancient race settled in the bosom of Midgard country unique in the universe source of life and that is why our Earth is unique. “The movement of our world by the immaculate headcheese initially was steady but at the other often cross borders” In fact, very often the sleeve of the Milky Way with the Midgard country exceeds the limit, and is in enemy territory .. 500,000 years, Dark forces did not know anything about the experiment Jerarha bright force on Midgard Earth. 500,000 years lived are descendants of an ancient race on Daariji, whose capital was Daarijski Asgard. I Mira mountain loomed over the northern continent 500,000 years … cosmic parasites did not know anything about the special status of colonies on Midgard Earth. But after learning the truth about the country Midgard, Dark tried to conquer our planet. “Tami whim is to win the headcheese and all the world to draw the Dark Path. And not that beauty to decorate the whole world, but that through him sow strife and discord. Echoes of battle could be heard by the Council on Midgard-Earth was populated. In the border area, there was this Earth and it lived Rasa Net of Light. “His victory over the forces of the Light, Dark Forces (social parasites) are set up as a direct dependence on the conquest of our country Midgard. Dark Forces (social parasites), it was necessary to win Midgard, not to destroy it, and then they started to build their bases on the moon Leli – the closest of the three satellites Midgard country. “Lela is above the earth gathered force Tame to overthrow Midgard, Freedom and Gods.” Midgard country and the descendants of the ancient races were in danger of being destroyed. “Tarh learned of the idea and destroyed the wishes and all the dark army destroyed Daždbog.” “You Koshchey, leader of the Grays, perished along with Luna in polučasti … But Midgard has paid for freedom Daarijom that hid the Great Flood …. Waters of the Moon as the deluge created on earth are those with Heaven as long pale because Luna broke into pieces as the Midgard army Svarogich dropped … “Parts of the Moon Lele Midgard fell to the ground, causing the first planetary catastrophe. As a result, there has been a shift in the earth’s crust Midgard and part of the land disappeared in the waters of the sea-ocean, and at the same time, the second part began to rise from the depths of the sea. Daarija began slowly to sink into the depths of the ocean. Looks like a sinking Daarije last few millennia, because going Caucasians with Daarije finished before 111,825 years ago. The date of our report “SLAVJAN-Aryan Vedas.” The largest part of the Caucasian people moved to the south and within a few millennia settled land from Ripejskih (Ural) mountains to Lake Baikal. Before 106,798 years ago founded a new city, the city of Asgard, which until the mid-second millennium n. e. located on the site of the present city of Omsk. On this territory have settled almost all the families of the Great Race. After that, the country became known as the land of the Holy Race – Rasenija. Unfortunately, it is now the southern part (South Siberia) dat Kazakhs, which is unacceptable and points to the complete oblivion of ancient Russian history. Obviously, it is no coincidence that a large part of Rasenije in the middle of modern Russia, which requires from the authorities special careful attitude towards it. Because it will ruin Rasenije inevitably lead to the collapse of Russia. More than 100,000 years on Earth Midgard happened planetary disaster. Tarh Daždbog destroyed lunu Lelu, together with all the dark forces bases. Parts of the moon Lele fell on Midgard Earth izazavši first planetary catastrophe. “Rat Svarožič” caused a gigantic tsunami, triggered the movement of tectonic plates, lots of volcanic eruptions … DaArija is slowly sinking into the water. “At that time, killing many people, who failed to take off on Wightman, or to pass through the gates Međusvetja and to preserve the stellar house Bear …” Number Wightman and their kapacititet was limited, as the throughput capacity Doors Međusvetova, and therefore are not all managed to escape … When DaArija fell to the ocean floor, surviving the disaster, and those who have returned from Čertoga Bear (constellation Great Medvědice) had to start all over again .. “Big Ass Mnogomudri and began to moving into Asia from the Holy Land Daarije the most ancient and glorious times “” the oldest and glorious weather, the blessed Midgard-earth in grace ancient place in najdrevnijoj and powerful Asia that spanned the east of Ripejskih mountains … … lived as four large Roda Asa descendants of the Ancient Gods, blondish, four Great Rod Race. “from the beginning (the offspring of celestial gods) began to settle in the territory only along Irija (Irtysh)” jury “- white, pure water. At the confluence of the jury and Om pre godinaili 106,798 in the year 5031 is of great resettlement of DaArije our ancestors founded the novigrad – Asgard Irijski. More than 60,000 years later … “… In the city of the Gods, in Irijskom Asgard, at the confluence of the holy rivers of the jury and Ome, the end of the Great Temple Inglije, the Holy stone Alatir … … fell from heaven Wightman, divine chariot … While coming down to earth was surrounded by great pomp and flame … I opened the Wightman, and from it came Bright incarnate God of heaven … “” … yes, Gromodržac Perun, son of Svarog. Listen to the people and the tribes of warriors Čovečjih my words … “Something more than 40,000 years of Midgard-earth was visited by God Perun-Gromodržac. doletevši in Asgard Irijski, Perun was telling people the Holy Vedas, written in “Sanjtijama Vedas Perun” (Book of Wisdom of Perun). Giving descendants Great Race knowledge Perun has said the future for the next 40,000 years, preparing Rasic on hard times – on the invasion of dark forces Midgard-earth, for the upcoming Night of Svarog. Also, Perun says that just before his visit Midgard-earth in our galaxy began a new “Great Asa” – a cosmic scale galactic war. Bright Forces liberate the world from social parasites čertog for čertogom, however, failed to save all the planets … Far from Midgard-earth – in the Chamber Makos, in race, in Works and Swati – Dark forces uništavajui sometimes the entire planet-Earth … In our galaxy appear to be refugees from victims planet-earth … Before only 40,000 years, “… in the city of the Gods, the Asgard Irijskom, at the confluence of the holy rivers of the jury and Ome, near the Great Temple Inglije the Holy stone Alatir … … fell from heaven Wightman, divine chariot … as he descended to Earth was surrounded by great pomp and flame … on all sides approached the heavenly Wightman and Da’Arijski H’Arijski genera, genera and Svetorusa Rasen, leaders and warriors of all the tribes of the Great Race, gathered Veduna silver hair and wise Volhv and the servants of the One God. I opened the Wightman, and from it came incarnate holy God of heaven … And God said Večnoprekrasni: I came from Uraj to Earth from the Celestial Svarga, where flowing bright jury in gardens Virius, in addition to the Asgard heavenly, yes, Perun Gromodržac son Svarog. Listen to the people and the tribes of warriors Čovečjih my words, hear the instruction of my words … “Perun pointed to the planet-Earth, from which he came to Midgard, and this planet is called Žuraj from ČERTOGA (constellations) ORLA. Constellation Orla contains 119 star, visible to the naked eye brightest star Altair (16.5 light-years from the Sun). In which of these 119 stars of inhabited planets Uraj – at present not known. After moving from the Great DaArije chassis sixty thousand years everything was fine .. until suddenly not cut off living on the Midgard-Earth to other planets-Earth. “I asked Peruna Ggomodržca say – the keeper of the roads that lead through the stargate: Tell us, Wise Master, what’s going on in GREAT headcheese, and why are many gates in Makos and WORK … closed? I do not shine crystals Movement, a circle of zarbina extinguished already polučetvrt … Needles Celestial lost the fight now than many VAJTMARA not hear answers the call populous … “According to the contemporary present Čertog Maksim corresponds to the constellation of the Great Medvedica A Čertog Radi – the constellation of Orion. For the fact Doors Međumurje (stargates) required their presence at the two planets – Earth at the same time that pi has become possible to easily move through the door with a planet-earth to the other. Closing Doors many Međumurje on Midgard-earth means the cessation of the facts on the planets-door countries, with which she was associated. In other words – something happened to the gate Međumurje in Certosa Makos and radio. They were either destroyed or turned off immediately prior to the conquest of these planets – Earth … At the same time the time they stopped responding to calls Vajtmari (… of many Vajtmara not hear answers the call populous). All this talk about that in our galaxy began the next Star Rat large scale … “Reply Perun Mnogomudri: Know, gatekeepers Međusvetja in svarga the United Asa takes place, the Makos in Radi, in Swat and Rasi now beats United the battle in it with strange warriors of Hell Holy Gods of Rights came in a fierce clash … headcheese large dams are … and the Council of clean, piece by piece, from the warriors of the dark, from the dark world … “in addition to the Midgard-Earth began following Star War between bright force – force of Creation and dark forces – forces in the world of Hell. Perun tells to another Star Rat hit the planet bright force, which are located not only in Čertogu Makos and the Works but also in Čertogu Swati (no analogues in modern astronomy) and the čertogu Rasi (Leo Constellation). In the first round of the God Perun talking about the upcoming and future events Svarožjem Circle and Ninety Nine Circles of Life. The sun around the central part of the sleeve (Svarožji Krug) passes for 25,920 years, and one circle of life is exactly 144 years. Perun tells the inhabitants of Midgard-earth for the future of 40,000 years in advance! Perun has told people in Asgard Irijskom Holy Vedas, written H ~ Aryan Reck Runes U “Sanjtijama Vedas Perun”. Please note that on Midgard-earth generated unique conditions for the development of man to the level of the creator – Old Breed settled in the bosom of Midgard SOURCE OF LIFE! Dark forces (cosmic social parasites) does not touch the Midgard-earth to its special status with the Hierarchs bright force and simultaneous attacks CIVILIZACIJU OLD BREED, as a minimum, in four ČERTOGA located far away from the so called, the edges – the boundaries between light and dark worlds . The dark forces know well that their action is doomed! But, anyway, attack and destroy a planet-earth to the other … “Many countries TUĐEZEMCI executed in various Certosa Svarog Circle … Black Envy obscures their view when they see wealth in the other …. Envy, deceit and desire for someone else, that that’s their goal, even in Pulp world … and so strangers trying …. to win all the headcheese and Međusvetju … Remember people Rase Great, all I said, this beautiful evening … The main thing is to your descendants this knowledge they are useless. “Destruction of many countries dark forces meant one more thing to the bright Sile trying to save as much as possible with people subjected to attack the dark forces of the planet-Earth. These refugees should have posting SOMEWHERE FOR MAXIMUM SHORT TIME although Star War had not yet ended, the dark forces are prolonged to inflict strikes on Planet Earth … most suitable for resettlement have been planet-Earth, which with some reason were outside the compartment military facts. As a result of star wars Međugalaktičkih scale in the Milky Way appeared refugees from the destroyed planet-earth. Under the leadership of the Association of Civilization bright force began their evacuation. Resettlement is happening on the planet earth from different star systems that lie outside the war zone. One of these planets, our Earth. Thus, the Midgard Earth before 35-40 thousand years occurred three race people: yellow (from Čertoga Great Dragon), Red (Čertoga from fiery serpents) and black (from Čertoga Dark Havoc). The new settlers were deployed on the Midgard-earth in climate zones with a maximum close to the conditions on these planets from which they came …. Not until more than 40,000 years ago … In the Milky Way as a result of the Star War appeared refugees from the destroyed planet-earth Light Forces have begun evacuations. Basically it took to save the inhabitants of the planet earth, with evolutionarily young civilizations. Best for resettlement of refugees were planet-earth, which for some reason were outside the landscape of war facts. As one of these planets proved to Midgard Country. On planets-country refugees could not be Međumurje Doors (interstellar gates) and that civilization had spacecraft. Bright Forces organized a mass evacuation of people from other planets, civilizations that were not able to leave their own country because of the planet-odsustvujućih with them appropriate opportunities. It all happened during the duration of the Star War … Thus Perun describes the consequences of the attack dark forces of some of the planets, the earth, with which our Midgard Country had communication through the gate Međumurje: “Of these evil enemies as the flower of the Earth in dust pretended that have shed the blood of innocent creatures, not saving anywhere neither male nor old … that’s why many gates have closed, lest the enemy strangers due to the Holy Land Svarga big … and that they would not have arrived fate Troare – which is in the Works the Holly wise Love of the Worlds beamed … Now is Troare desert without life … Circle with lots Gate fragmented into pieces, many Needle mountains are sanded … and the ashes of the fire spreading to seven saženji … the same scene, sad and gloomy, I saw the Arkoljni in Ruti the ground, Gates Međusvetova now have melted rocks … Needles Heavenly – dust end of the road … all over the ruins of the Great Sanctuary, and the cities are destroyed mighty flame that rises from the routes to the sky … no more living in the country without Sun, no plants, no birds, no animals … Fache – destroyer vanished rivers, the sea, and the sky darkened the dark clouds … and the life in that world never return … This happened to many countries, where they stayed enemies Council of the dark … they were attracted to the wealth of these countries in the bosom of beautiful … “as a result of complex games dark forces on Earth Midgard arrived refugees from the planet and the many-country. The vast majority of refugees arrived from the planet, the earth, where they lived a very young civilization … evolutionary Their number was very small. Refugees were representatives of three races: black, red and yellow. “But a lot of the time elapsed and headcheese life was changed on the Midgard-earth where it once went Race Lovely Way .For four Midgard Council has become the homeland and divided the population into a multitude of people, and each kept a memento of the Gods.” the new settlers were deployed on Midgard in climate zones maximum similar conditions on their home planet-countries. Representatives of Race (the residents Čertoga Dark Havoc) were deployed in Africa, in South East Asia and the Indian peninsula. Representatives of the Red Race (the residents Čertoga Ognjenog Snakes) were Meseta to the islands of the Atlantic Ocean and the American continent. Representatives of the yellow race (Čertoga residents of the Great Dragon) were deployed on the territory of modern Kine.Teritorije, populated black race were much larger than the territory, which originally occupied by settlers red and yellow races, because people with skin the color of darkness came from many Čertoga (constellation) grim wasteland. Thus, the Midgard Earth before 35-40000 years occurred three races of men, refugees from various star systems; All four Race Midgard began to live in various parts of the world isolated from one another … As a result of the relocation, in the future on Earth Midgard educated evolutionary deviation … Thus began the next stage of enslavement Dark Forces Midgard Earth … Before the 25-30 thousand years ago, the Midgard-Earth began to occur through climate change izavanih disaster. Dark forces have succeeded in cooling devices to shine the most part, which is why many generations Caucasian were forced to begin the resettlement in other climate zones. One of the most suitable places was Europe – untouched and wild. The settlers have begun to overcome this country. When some of the tribes of the white race arrived waters of the Western Ocean (Atlantic), they decided to move to the West, on the big island near the American continent, the immediate habitat of people with the skin color of the Holy Fire. For the first time the White genetically young red man were so close and began to live on the same land, creating a common civilization; and as a result created the evolutionary turn … The presence of this evolutionary turn it was so necessary to the Dark Forces, to create a “fifth column” on Midgard-earth. After several thousand years in Antlanju created parasitic civilization. The leaders and priests Antlanja have created a strong caste system, where the representatives of the red race emerged as slaves … For the first time in more than 580 000 years of existence of colonies on Midgard-Earth, there were conditions for the existence of the parasitic system … Operating dark forces on the planet began to occur climate change, as a result of meteoritic bombardment. Reducing bandwidth atmosphere of sunlight led to a sharp zahlađenja.Posebno really to reflect on the climate of the Holy Rasenije. “Alternatively your character Holy Land Great Race. Much colder weather will bring wind da’Arijski on this earth, and if a third Marjona Age hide his white cloak. At that time there will be food for humans and animals and will begin the great migration of the descendants of Roda Heavenly Ripejskih beyond the mountains that protect the western borders of the Council Rasen … “Many genera Caucasian bursts are to conquer the country west of the Ural Mountains. Caucasian people are after relocating from da’Arije, leaving parts shine. The movement went to the West, not the East, in fact, the continent Severnameričkom cooling was higher than in European shine … premises were then available, and even after cooling had a warmer climate. Settlers relied solely on their own resources. Old Race for some reason did not help the inhabitants of their colonies on Midgard … However, there are resources and technology to quickly conquer these earth. Leaving chassis Genera, won the whole of Europe, and they reached the Atlantic Ocean. “I will come to them through the Great Water, Ocean-Sea West, and will transfer them to the Force of Heaven on earth Bezbradih people with skin the color of the Holy Fire.” Part Rodova preseljenika of shine under the leadership of Supreme Leader Anta settled on a large island in the Atlantic Ocean, where they living representatives of the Red RasePreseljenje were made with flying apparatus – Wightman (… and will transfer them to force Sky ..). Settlers, who arrived from shine, led by leader Ante began to call themselves Antimo, and the island on which they moved ANTLANJ. Great Leader will build the country that God Temple Trident Mora. I Uns – God must agree to them numerous gifts of their own, and protect their land from the rush of Evil … In the land of the red race Anti they expand their system view of the world, the Vedic tradition (Great Leader will build the country that Temple Trident God Mora) Nija – God Must – the ancient Greeks called Poseidon and Neptune Romans. Uns – God of the Sea was the sponsor of Anta. People young red race began to experience Caucasian men as gods who rule the supernatural powers. Between white and red race there was a significant evolutionary difference. The resulting meeting in two races evolutionary turn, has become a solid foundation for the birth of the elite Antlanja “fifth column” dark forces. As a result, the within the millennium Antlanju created parasitic civilization, a country with a strong caste system. In the higher castes were the only Caucasian people all lower caste people are putting together the red race. Evolutionary and technical achievements Caucasian led to the fact that members of the red race turned into slaves! Slavery had never been to the Caucasian countries! “But a lot of abundance will blur the head leader and Reca. Great Laziness and the desire for other people it penetrate their minds. And they begin to lie to Gods and people. ” “A lot of abundance” represents a disproportionate share of material goods Dark Forces are then finally got his “fifth column” in the Midgard Earth. “And they will start to lie to Gods and people, and begin to live by their own laws in violation of vows ancestor of the Wise Men and the Law of God-the Creator only.” A little more than 13 000 years Antlanja hierarchs have become completely captured the Dark Forces. This evolutionary degradation leaders and priests Antlanja led to the tragic events. Wanting to dominate the world, Antlanj started the war with Great Assia – the only civilization of Midgard-earth, able to prevent the conquest of the Dark Forces of Midgard. During the war there was a terrible event: Antlanj applied force Midgard-earth elements – air, tectonic and nuclear weapons. Hierarch Nij is angered, and, together with the elements, destroyed Antlanj. However, improper use leaders Anta force of nature, has led to a distortion of the gravitational balance of Midgard and Fate – small moon began to turn from its orbit, crumbling to pieces. There was a Planetary Other Disasters, highly developed colony Caucasian at Midgard was rejected on a primitive level. There was a last Ice Age. A little more than 13,000 years ago in the course of thousands of years have created Anti Empire on caste basis. The tribes of the red race turned into slaves. This has led to evolutionary degradation Anta, their leaders and Reca. Evolutionary degradation developed several millennia, until it reached a critical point. Leaders and zrece Anta has become insufficient mastery over the red man began to dream of ruling over the whole world! Anti began to develop their technical capabilities, are increasingly moving away from the harmonious coexistence with nature. When Antlanj build their own base on the moon Fati … then started the war with Great Assia … In the war against Great shine Antlanje used anarchy Midgard Earth They used the air … tectonic … nuclear weapons … “I will use the Force Stihija Midgard-earth for achieve their goals … I razgneviće are functioning to their Nija – Great God must … I will destroy Nij and disorganization of the country and, Skrīču it in the depths of the Great water, too, that in ancient times in the deep northern waters hid Council Daarija … When the bishops Antlanja understood to lose this war, they decided to destroy Midgard Earth and ourselves “… because it uses people Shiloh stihija Midgard-earth and destroy small Luna and the Council its wonderful … I will restore then Svarogov Krug and užasnuće the human soul …” Incorrectly handling of the forces of nature has led to distortions of gravitational balance between the Earth and the Moon Midgard Fate, which began to fall, raspavši to parts … parts of Fate caused the second planetary catastrophe and change tilt axis Midgard Earth … “Great Night will hide Midgard-earth … and the fire of Heaven will destroy many corners of the earth … Where flourished delightful gardens will occupy the great desert … His life-giving native land effervescent sea, where the forests are the waves appear high mountains covered with eternal snows … “Highly Caucasian colony on Midgard Zelmlji was destroyed as a result of the war caused Imeprijom Anta. The planetary disaster caused a sharp cooling of the last Ice Age, “and they will begin to forget the ancient wisdom and the laws of God, the Creator of the One … .High disunity will appear in the world of Midgard and just say-custodians of the Holy Land Great Race will guard the purity of ancient knowledge, despite losses and death …”