Leo / Leo the characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

“The exterior of the lava in no way conceals its high internal quality,” said Buffon in his encyclopedia of animals, “he has an imposing phenomenon, I look, proud movements and tremendous voice” … On the human plane is such a portrait is more complex, because the psychology of astrological Lava richer than animal. Possible behaviors are also diverse.

“I will therefore be” often thought of Leo, which has ascendant Leo. From this compound is born irresistible personality, whose magnetism can not escape, especially due to the fact that nothing in it is not artificial. But she has always in itself sufficient means to their goals and achieve. It happens to ourselves prematurely perceived as larger than it is, to believe that he is destined for some work before it has acquired the knowledge needed for the performance.

Pride then stops to make the effort necessary for a good mastering discipline. Little inclined to self-criticism and humility, then lost in illusions and allow to win the vanity, vanity and thirst for success that sometimes borders on careerism. It is not rare to see that aspires to greatness and generosity, the privileges of the powerful. When one is strong, can afford to give and make others what they lack. Conveniently located in their superiority, Leo – Leo radiates generous sovereignty. In the company he is comfortable ground on which to demonstrate their self-confidence and mainly managed to operate with elegance.

Since there is no gift for pettiness and deceit, he would have to hover above the material issues as master their instinctive impulses and conscious architect of his own personality. He likes to believe that he himself made himself what he is, triumphing over the influences … Here, therefore, easy to find the strength of will and spirit, a volcanic temperament, perhaps inelastic, but sure of himself, for which there are no barriers. Yet, deep down, we will find a good and innocent will be ready to give in to feelings and that, almost unbelievably, not knowingly possessing weapons …

– With you, no middle, or you will be taken seriously, and then try to impose on others their own law, with a firm belief in his own person, or you will be totally opposite of that, and from a wide and majestic lava, you will prostrate figure! The best way to play twice as belonging to Leo’s – that sometimes move across the street, in Aquarius, and thus confirm their need for freedom and independence, love for najširokogrudije ideas. And it’ll do if you step aside for people to be able to make me love you.

Your presence is felt in every situation, in everything you do you are dramatic and love that you project to the audience. You are always the center of attention and you might have to learn the hard way to share center stage, but still, most will bask in the glow of warmth, optimism and generosity which engender. You are very noble, without looking for something in return, or respond painful when you are disappointed and scams that they have provided all their understanding and support. Your negative traits: badly placed and managed pride. Take care of your pride that will urge you to convince yourself that you are invincible …