Leo-Love horoscope after decades

The first decade (23.07. – 31.07)
What a girl born in this decade is called true love is often only its first victory over men. All persons of this sign want to be neprikosnovani masters.

They have to understand that marriage is a community where no one person can not control the other, or that has a desire to rule over her in any way. Partners with whom can be most easily align partners born under the sign of Sagittarius, Aries or in the second half of July.

The second decade (01.08. – 11.08)
When in love, people born in this period and ask for respect and admiration and confirmation of their personality. When you feel loved, reciprocate generosity, spontaneous and warm. Are prone to changing partners in order to re-experiencing the admiration of others. Marriage brings them great happiness, unexpected destiny and glory. All this they can enable people born under the sign of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

The third decade (12.08. – 08.23)
Individuals of this period the most convenient one partner who offers them security, but when it is a nice, respectable and fun. If disappointed in love, they withdraw into themselves because for them above all important harmony and trust. Although they know to adapt to each person of the other sex, but they fall hard partings and quarrels.

When it comes to love and marriage, they were born under a lucky star. Neither their suspicion and jealousy they will not interfere with the happiness that awaits them. They correspond to the person in Leo or Sagittarius.