Leo represents man’s free will, charisma and uniqueness …..

Mythology: Nemean lion whom Heracles killed in combat during the first heroic deeds.

Modality: Fixed

Element: Fire

Planeta ruler: the Sun

Harmonious expression: creative, charismatics, adventurous, romantic, expressive, confident

Inharmonious expression: self-centered, childish, arrogant, stubborn, intense, dramatic

Archetype: Leo is the archetype of creativity, vitality and expression. It represents man’s free will, charisma and uniqueness. It is a symbol of authenticity individual. The lion represents the vitality, spirit, courage, expression, acting, talent, symbolizes artists, kings, princesses, joy, fun, spontaneity and heart.

His shadow pride and complacency, is burdened with their own goals, few pay attention to other people, it tends to control and contempt. Beyond the shadow of the opposite sign of Aquarius, which is the symbol of decentralization of other people and humanity. Leo needs to learn how to evaluate other people’s opinion, to accept diversity and does not require the audience at any cost.