Leo / Virgo characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

In this combination of two characters Fire and triumphant life is born a creature that is both ambitious and idealistic, ready for the fight and authoritativeness. Willpower and entrepreneurship are two qualities that are harmoniously intertwined in this personality and create a springboard for affirmation, not only the material more personal and moral.

This is a guy who is resolutely geared towards action and success. This is the great battles of antiquity hero, conqueror, general manager, the one who runs the game … This selfish and powerful person who is easy to get carried away whether it’s anger or revive an idea. It should be noted that it prefers to protect than being vulnerable and mostly alone organize their plans to achieve amazing results, thanks to his enterprising spirit.

Leo – Aries has the talent to convince his attitude, self-confidence, and magnetism. The will and the power of it are practically raw state. Nuances, hesitations and reflections are unknown to him; rarely reviewed but does not pretend that he alone knows the truth. For it is primarily talking about spending power without saving, of influencing the course of events, the celebration of the world (or, failing him, his friends and the environment) by the seal.

From its activities is never turned off emotional life, but his great ability to love is often combined with a desire to protect others and control their lives. Capable of enormous generosity which does not require anything in return, but painfully react if disappointed or deceived, especially from people she climbed on a pedestal …

– Basically you are troubled, your approach to the world is the immediate rather than diplomatic. You’re pretty extroverted and stubborn, courageous and dynamic, fight for their beliefs, like going to “flash” to the world, to life, with the idealism that is almost inexhaustible. You are always ready for a quick start, full of optimism and promise. The thirst for freedom and adventure, risk appetite and pursuit of the ideals you make great entrepreneurs, researchers, stubborn predecessor and pioneer born – mostly you are endowed with great mobility and nepomerivim confidence.

You are more energetic than other lions and very pervasive, and seems to have less patience and you’re more independent than it really is. You are naive, honest, spontaneous, passionate, generously, seductive, creative guy and all you do to finally triumph justice and to defend the wrongly accused. Hate uskogudost, NISC spirit, cowardice. From all this you simply operated. Your weakness: you need the approval of others to the image you want to create about themselves before him was – confirmed.

Often you fall in love, or appreciate my freedom – I love the independence and you are only happy when everything is under your control. The call of your heart is never in vain. Of those you love do you expect to overcome themselves and to become the kind of being perfect as you see them. Fortunately, optimism often saves you from serious disappointments … One more thing – in your destiny role parents will play an important role – positive or negative …