LEPU subconscious REVEALS FUTURE: These substances have announced that they will be married soon!

It’s human nature that we are trying to explain life and always looking for the secret signs that indicate some future events. That is why many people firmly believe in the symbolism of dreams and their power. From hint of happiness, sadness, hardship or business success, every dream can reveal a lot, even when it’s time to get married.

According to belief, there are a few dreams that are a sure sign that the wedding “knocking on doors”.

1. The construction of the wall

Wall is a symbol of the limitations and obstacles, but this is not true for dreams. So dreams of jumping the wall mean that you successfully jump over all the obstacles that stand in the way, dreams in which tear down a wall marked the destruction of those barriers, while dreams in which you see the remains of the wall means that before you positive life period. If in your dreams you build a new wall, get ready to get married! The construction of the wall in dreams is the sign of a recent wedding

2. Green wreath

See wreath in a dream means that you will successfully avoid all the worries and problems. Golden Wreath sign of a long and happy life, a red wreath signifies loyal love, and green wreath means you’ll soon be married. But, there are ranges that are not well seen in a dream. It is a floral and those made from branches that represent the love and care labeling. We hope that you will not see them in my dreams.

3. Wood cherry

If this tasty fruit found in your dreams, you’re lucky. The cherries in the dream indicate that you will soon get to know the person who will delight the eye. If in your dream you read the cherry, it signifies an exciting adventure, but if you eat them in front of you is a convenient health period. If you want to get married soon, we hope you will find in your dreams cherry tree because it means just that – a recent marriage. Even if the tree is in bloom provides you a joyous married life.

4. Riding a colt

Foal in a dream means fulfillment of life’s greatest desire. If among them that she soon married, in his dream would have to ride him. Riding a colt represents a quick decision on entry into married life with which she could surprise all of their neighbors. Buying colt points to the realization of plans, donation implies that someone’s gonna have a blast, and sales to do a job that you love. But all is not so rosy. If someone steals a foal in dreams, could someone fail, and if in a dream to get a gift provides you an unpleasant surprise.