Libra and Libra-Stacking characters and Comparative Love Horoscope

How to agree two scales in the chart?

In this combination, both partners are full of energy and they both require too much from each other, which makes the relationship very hard to do both. If you do not have enough external interest migu easily become nervous and frustrated with each other, for neither man nor woman Libra does not like to spend much time in the house.

When Vagin Vagina style meets elegance, the attraction is mutual and immediate. Both have almost the same interests and qualities, which can help them to better understand each other. We both enjoy it when their second dive even further than just home territory and both quickly realize and understand each other’s motives. In this combination, both partners have so much in common and so little to the distinctive and conflicts, which says this compound very advisable for the “long haul”.

Romance begins when the two scales found in the balance. Affair in a delightful bed and even a little extravagant. These two are really very good understanding of each other, admire each common virtues and even sympathetic to the common defects. The biggest problem in this relationship may be unresolved conflicts, because both of them shy away from discussions when there are disagreements or differing opinions. Both prefer to forget the incident, not only would violate the common peace – and that is what can lead to the accumulation of problems. Are big fans of art and able to spend a lot of time and money in decorating the common house, in which four of the wall will always come back to recharge its battery power.

Their life together is prone to very hectic times – often spend much more time with other people, but with each other.

Warning: The scales are sometimes inclined to be almost paralyzed undecided. If both simultaneously fall into such a phase of indecision, nothing will be able to solve as long as at least one of them does not get out of this crippling crisis. They both love to invent new ways to meet each other in bed, and thus constantly keep passion and mutual sexual attraction level. Preference disbelief is often a problem that threatens this compound, because both are very amorous and loyalty to them was not the strongest side, but have a pretty strong and eruptive jealousy.

From time to time you should take a short break and give vent to each other for a while. Both have a hidden side of the deep feelings of concern and dark, and only in rare cases reveal other people. Although Aries belongs to cardinal signs of the zodiac and often tends to be a guide in this connection, however, much easier than the other cardinal signs accepts a balance, which gives enough space for the needs of both partners. Business relations between the two scales have a chance of success because both partners respect the teamwork and are able to become even good business friends. This could be the key to successful cooperation, because in this case both know how to respect and abide by the vision and commitment of business partners