Libra and Scorpio-Stacking zodiac signs and Comparative Love Horoscope

How agree Libra and Scorpio?

Scorpion’s intense love declarations and flattery will be very attractive for Libra in the beginning of a relationship, in whose eyes will even jealous possessiveness look like a romance. But very quickly the scale start to feel tied down, closed tight and scorpion love, Libra, which will then make the already forging plans for escape. Misterioznio Scorpio is a water sign zodiac and the subject of the powerful Mars – god of war, and uzbirkanog Pluto – god of the underworld. Noble and sensible Venus is lord of Libra zodiac sign of harmony and balance, which in turn pinched enthusiasm Saturn and accepts command of himself. Libra government bonds of harmony, balance and scale ideas, shared services and justice, packaged in the most elegant way. Scorpion is proud of a private investigator who discovers hidden secrets, using his penetrating gaze to detect other people’s faults and virtues. Between Libra and Scorpio often creates a strong attraction and sympathy. Since Scorpio more dominant Vagin charm and sense of correctness of procedures complement scorpion judgment. All the skills he admires, Libra seen in Scorpio. Scorpio has a sex drive that Libra wants to achieve.

Libra is very sentimental and loving and committed when it suits scorpion dominant and possessive needs. And as long as Aries does not offend Scorpion’s pride in the near future to find a good spouse and all that for the common life wishes and demands. Vagin Scorpion’s charm and magnetism to attract each other. Scorpio enjoys Scales and tenderness in her efforts to please, while Libra fascinated constant detecting sexual secrets. But … Aries likes to hang out, a social mode of communication encountering inaccessible scorpion surface. Libra likes to plan and make plans, and Scorpio is a schemer who unusually long time carried out the hidden holy place of your soul. In situations where Libra easy and fast changing, Scorpio remains stubborn and unbreakable. Openness and honesty Scales does not agree well with the cruel and ruthless scorpion actions.

Common goals and interests to this pair could resolve all mutual problems. On behalf of the achievements of peace and harmony, Libra should pay more attention to the feelings scorpion, and it is possible to identify the scorpion deep love. Scorpio must try to open up and relax and not be so restrictive and limited to his partner in Libra. In the same household, Aquarius will have to deal with finances for Libra does not recognize the purpose of budget and time wasted in worries about paying bills. Scorpio has the gift of psychic perception and Libra will know better than she knows herself. Libra is a cardinal sign, with the need to keep, but Pisces is simply not born for it to accept other people’s orders. Scorpio could give lessons stubbornness even the stones in person! This is a complicated and difficult combination that will work best if there are mutual business interests between the two partners