Libra and the other zodiac signs-Stacking characters and Comparative Love Horoscope

Symbol zodiac sign scales are scales, which are the main goal of those born under this sign – establishing balance in life. Terazije have also adapted the symbol of the legal and judicial system – the balance of justice in the law presented “blind justice” that holds the scales in his hand. People born under this zodiac sign ruled by Venus, are usually elegant, charming and have good taste, are precious and very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony and life’s pleasures. Although not tolerate arguments of those who do not respect their opinion, character are quite balanced, diplomatic and even tempered. It is a very social person, whose nature is devoted to more art than intellect. In private relations with a close environment, Libra understands and respects the opinions of others and trying to reduce the differences compromises. LIBRA likes the opposite sex, sometimes to promiscuity, and easy to surrender romance on the verge of sentimentality.

The downside of character people born under this sign indicates frivolity, coquetry and superficiality. These people tend to be variable and indecisive, anxious, timid and conventional colorless, cold fatigue, rarely angry when opportunities require at least a spark of anger … but Libra is able to shock each around sudden attacks of rage. They can be surprisingly energetic, but the true fact is that they do not like rudeness, fights and other dirty work. The scale can be modestly pleased and extremely ambitious. These people usually succeed in business administration, legal matters (because they have a strong sense of justice), showed well as sellers of antiquity, Civilco and bank officials because they are worthy of trust when working with other people’s money.