Libra and the other zodiac signs This air-duality can compromise

This duality air can compromise with all the other characters, but will be best understood with Gemini and Pisces. How do agree with others, read.

Libra and Aries

These two characters drawn in an unusual way. Passionate Aries in the eyes of scales where the main goal is to be the preferred real chemical reaction extraordinary passion. These are two polar opposites.

Libra and Taurus
Due to the fact that under the influence of the same planet, Venere, this pair could be a dangerous, but with a milder strain. Libra can be a too hesitant in some situations, a Taurus has no patience for such characteristics.

Libra and Gemini
This compound is compatible. Two “air” elusive and fleeting nature. Both signs love entertainment and as a combination of going through life’s memorable moments. After them write books and scripts for movies. They each other is passion. However, when real life sets problems, each “run away to your mother.”

Libra and LAV
Leo and Sagittarius are very good partners. Both are social, interesting and like to hang out. It will easily be noticed and attract because it is both a sign of love to show off in society. Problems can arise because of the criticality of indecision and Libra, which Lions gets on my nerves. Scales by their nature are not true to the character, it bothers Leo who likes to be the center of someone’s world.

Libra and Virgo
Virgo as an excellent analyst and thinker Vagi can point to some omissions in the styling, which will make her very used because it is itself undecided. This Libra circuits for its advisers and price honest opinion that it makes sense. However, Vagina indecision may irritate the Virgin.

The downside of this combination is that, if you are unsure of something, you can discuss this forever. On the other hand you are creative and appealing. You couple that was nice to see, and leave a strong impression on others, or as a couple you are not even half as stable.

Libra and Scorpio
Both signs have a tendency to romance. However, in this case Scorpio Scorpio longs for strong emotions and melodrama, Libra strives for harmony and peace. Home passion is guaranteed, or to find a fund would have to invest quite effortlessly.

The need for adventure may cause some outbursts of jealousy in Libra, her Sarna usually manages to return “errant sheep.” This is just a natural pair, despite this case.

Libra and Capricorn
It should be recognized that there is a problem that could be solved. The coldness of Capricorn is something that certainly will not tolerate Pisces. They both love traditional values, but each of their emotions is inconsistent.

Libra and Aquarius
You can talk all night and more … Here is an exceptional mental connection. Aquarius has a tendency to bring joy to your Libra unusual ideas and surprises. Both the weight of a liberal attitude.

At first glance it would seem that you are soul mates or not. The fish are boiling mass of mental elements, while challenging romantic Libra on the surface, too calm, cool, and does not know how to handle the emotions.