Libra general characteristics (ASTRO)

This is najšarmantiji and arguably the most beautiful astrological sign in the zodiac. It’s hard to meet a Libra, which does not possess a special beauty. Their Venus of them makes people who find it difficult to resist. They have a strange power to people in various ways creep under your skin and stay as long as they want. They have a sophisticated taste for everything from people, food, drinks, wardrobe …

Often other people know how to look at the “top”, especially those who annoy them. His intolerance do not want to hide, and still stand out, stick to such a pretentious attitude. Libra does not allow to be elected, it is not by their taste. Imaginative and seemingly harum-scarum members of this sign are the most reliable workers who are willing and able to work and sustain the work of several months straight. Of course, spoiled scale will moaning his fellow man, but the work is not going to see. Real professionals. When it comes time to rest, no rest like all people, they stoned and do not move a finger.

I think Scales prefer bed and mirror. When you come off the bed, stick the mirror. There’s no way someone sees Libra disordered inmates with whom I live. To the world they are fragrant, gorgeous, fabulous … The ragged home, glued to the bed and wail as they are annoying smell of onions from the kitchen. Pointers to others that life is a game that all can. Actresses like in the theater of the great roles of satisfied people who know what they want and be moved out into his empty apartment, life … A small number of friends they have, those selected, but not them, do not allow them to see you in despair, and before them will be polished and smiling. Then still hold control over their lives, have a role to play … When you see them zarozane, it is a place of Scales has sucked all the energy and depression in this procedure be extremely delicate and sensitive beings. Their appearance and pain a pain everyone who sees them. I do not like crowds, you bastard to various people, smells, rarely with whom they eat … They like to come out of the city are not refined style. These are people who better than the Twins know how to izblizanišu when something not to respond. Diplomats who export interlocutors. Cold will observe how someone flounders and mourns the unspoken truth. Simply, they do not need to say it, almost. They put themselves behind the guard, a huge defense mechanism in the role of a selfish, self-centered creatures. Like spoiled children are always doing something when you do not want them annoying, disturbing and very hurting. And so it looks like they do not care how well someone because they feel this way. Essentially Libra will really suffer, but it is not that, it will be garbage to the end. Later will convince yourself in their propriety and they will indeed acted cold to become. Do not be forced to ask for anything from them, not even the normal response.

Libra loves a good car, good cigarettes, food, drink … Do not give up for that at all. When you do not have money, they will not go anywhere, not to eat, because they have what they need. Do not give up on yourself and never can. Their depression and is usually due to lack of money and lack of comfort and pleasures to which they are accustomed to that only know how to live. Skalnjaj of Scales when there is no money, there’s dead creatures, the voice of their shift and just rest … Everything else know how to exploit or no money are none. Callout is unconventional. The first thing to enjoy diversity, else this sophisticated artistic soul, they can not be ordinary. BIC friends when they feel the need, they do not need to bend over backwards. It will be the workers whenever i need to perfect. He’ll live when they want and how they want. Do not allow your life managed by them, but they live.

No Scales without a partner, they are just beautiful. If you are single, it is because they so wish, in a sleeve having at least two aces. Will use them if they wish. With regard shall be given to the insane enthusiasm, loving, romantic turns out … They’ll be pampered, love to cuddle. Printers his best songs of love, justice gifts, she’ll laugh, and who can resist that smile? Harder still to perfection and will be looking to their relationship to be. They are able to ignore the partners, but themselves when they work. Work to provide maximum and then there is no room for anything else. Someone will feel completely neglected. But they are like that, everything they do is surrender to the end. Love, romance, let it wait until the job is finished. He’ll be back after that as if nothing had happened and what will look in amazement when he injured his disappearance because of work. He will not ever be a clear one’s suffering and tears, because Aries thinks everyone in her world and that he has to understand his need to be periodically turned off from the world and the people he loves. In all but a break in connection. This leads in turn. The sex are curious, passionate and harum-scarum. Although there for these aesthetes all must have beauty, as furnished bed, lamp We are involved … It’s hard to make love to Libra chipped bed, in a stinking little room. Their movements must have the sense to be beautiful, to make them beautiful, beauty is for them only what they want to see and enjoy. When someone gets angry jealousy, forcing something to consider too, break with unbreakable cold, without a shred of sense. No pain or suffering of others, do not want to hear excuses, they gave time because Libra is primarily all weighed, and when you go to it once more really does not make sense no need to stay in something that is not nice and it’s suffocating. Already have a fallback plan. Scales always flirt, and have the following partners in mind. They will suffer very short and there’s a new life. This really knows how to hurt them, but life goes on and there is no turning back.

This irresistibly charming creatures that very difficult decisions, the silk glove on the iron claws. Šamaraće world with the glove, smile and LOMIC everything in their path towards their goal. It’s hard to run, lazy one, but when going after your goal to do with style, charm and unmistakable. Like other air signs, it will act with them easy, but it is difficult and exhausting, because you do not give up on what they had imagined. They are innovative, with a lot of ideas and its charm GRABIĆ toward its goal, cigarette butts that someone stop. One of the main characteristics of Libra is that perfekcionsiti and aesthetes!

If you have a scale for friends you’ve probably spoiled – anyone who enters the following in its place difficult to keep pace with it – at least as far as kindness, charm, sociability and tact. Libra is lazy and does not like dirt – they say people; As for the latter, who can blame her, but laziness perhaps has its justification in the fact that Libra or doing crazy or not doing anything at all.

Sure, she knows how and when to rest and entertainment: there is a time to go out and prepare (while impatiently waiting for friends!), Time for conversation and coffee, a time when doing nothing and yet time when only love. Libra knows that she needs a perfect holiday in order to establish a balance in the body after a period of intense activity. She knows exactly what it takes her system, and is very adept at keeping this delicate natural balance. However, mental and emotional balance is not achieved just by instinct. From the condition of excessive sentimentality is easily converted into a sarcastic mood, it would then immediately become cheerful and happy. Libra has a great wealth of emotions, positive and negative, depending on the moment.

If you want to understand people born in this sign, then you need to understand so-called “weighing process”, which is present in almost all aspects of their life: at first glance, are hesitant and reluctant to accept a certain position. In fact, they only need a little more time to consider all aspects of a problem. Under pressure, and eager to please others, often make quick decisions, which then changed again. However, if you allow them to follow their own pace, you can be sure they will not give up the one created by the decision. Their will is quite strong, but unnoticed beneath the friendly and diplomatic behavior.

Scales like people, but they hate to be in the crowd. As doves of peace, they go around mediating and reconciling people; However, they themselves sometimes like a good argument. Libra has a gentle, honest and sensitive character. Lucid intelligence, open-minded and lofty and deep feelings, has developed a love for the beautiful. It is able to instantly reach intuition, without fail, to know whether caused by sympathy or antipathy to other people and that’s why I managed to maximize natural behave in every situation.

One type of difficulty, so to say absurd, comes from search these figures for perfection in everything and everyone around them, brings them no little bitterness in life. Therefore, there will always be ready to criticize and get away from all that seems ugly and out of tune. This pettiness is in line with the indecisive nature of Libra, which is evident when you need to make a choice; but no matter what she knows how to deal with the situation. However, I prefer to avoid a direct attack and is ready to accept a compromise, just to achieve your goal. The balance is towards all relations with some caution, never occurs violently and aggressively.

However, you should never have an idea that Libra just calm and charming person. Because it is such, but only in some cases. In other situations, Libra can be annoying, stubborn and confused. To understand Libra, you need to understand the riddle of the true scale. Then it becomes clear how cheerful optimism becomes quiet panic. When Libra balance, perfect to be near her.

Love is very important for all Scales and one might say that they never lose interest in everything related to it. The difficulties are that a man literally said “ask the first woman he likes,” a woman of this sign never know whether you prefer a person or a romantic ideal that is itself imagined – which, at least for a short time, and is not a big difference …

Libra is another air sign. She wants everything to be great; if you long enough with her turn this into a work of art. Physical beauty is not only important to this sign. Symbol Scales crossbar with two equal tasa. Exactly how to scale things apply, and this character examines each side of the argument with the intention to balance the views. Libra is very difficult to let go emotionally – because it is still a sign of air – but it’s not so bad in the crowd of agitated voices occasionally have a calm and reasonable.

Libra is associated with the kidneys. They are at the center of the body and helps cleanse the blood.

Careful, all measured, harmonious, and as such, Libra gets along well with others. It is a great esthete. It has beauty, grace, translucent complexion. At work, the diplomat, the house tactless. He likes teamwork. Elegant and tastes good.


Libra is able to charm everyone, with the possible addition partners need to stand in line in front of their door. They are very hesitant in initiating relationships and for them is a real passion. Sulking makes them sick, even the expression of someone’s bad behavior is causing Scales sense of disgust. A good appearance is important, and their bouquet charm is irresistible.

Behind the vagina pink glasses is dazzling mind that longs to find meaning in every problem and a gentle and sensitive heart more than anything in the world likes to be in love …

Libra life skills achieved early. He likes to shine, splendor, and is trying to find a richer partners. Verna as a partner, so that injustice and infidelity hard to forgive. Deep emotional in intimate relationships pillars of feelings. It is more emotional than passionate, experienced orgasm through touching.


Libra is a born diplomat. Everything he does, I would love to work in pairs. He wants to share ideas and discuss the big issues of life, as long as the conversation does not go into too personal and embarrassing areas jeopardize the friendship. Friends Scales should be tolerant, attractive, prudent and very beautiful; and if you wait long at any of its decision and therefore grumble, they will never be able to resist its extraordinary charm.


For Libra people working with them as important as the work done. Therefore, it is very important for her to find a pleasant atmosphere at work. He likes to share responsibility and with a partner and his working team brings together decision. The money she needed to make your life filled with beautiful things, but will never work with poor people to become rich.

Occupations for Libra are: a lawyer, a judge, an actor, a singer, a politician, a painter, pianist, diplomat, architect, educator, teacher.


Libra wants to be elegant and quite cleverly combines various pieces of clothing and shoes. Although her favorite color pink and blue, she likes to wear a combination of black and white.

Celebrities Scales

Gandhi – Jim Henson – Margaret Thatcher – William Faulkner – Will Smith – Michael Madsen – Christopher Reeve – Catherine Zeta-Jones -Michael Douglas – Heather Locklear – Serena Williams – Avril Lavigne – Gwyneth Paltrow – Hilary Duff – Lech Walesa – Donna Karan – Mahatma Gandhi – Sting – Susan Sarandon – Alicia Silverstone – Kate Winslet – Vaclav Havel – Bob Geldolf – Toni Braxton – Jesse Jackson – Sigourney Weaver – Matt Damon – John Lennon – Martina Navratilova – Eleanor Roosevelt – Luciano Pavarotti – Nietzsche – Oscar Wilde – Jean- Claude Vandamme – Arthur Nobel – George Gershwin