Libra / Libra characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

The transition year in the fall followed by a decline in the Sun: shades, halftones, light – dark and equinox rule as lords over the soul Scales. As a factor sentimental and social unification, Libra – Libra blocks the contrary constant dialogue that makes them indispensable to each other. Two scales tasa there are no levers that connects them, and without hands who walks there – here and around the center.

The feeling is characteristic of this personality in its implementation, because only that can lead to the triumph of the will of indecision, characteristic of such nature that is both spontaneous, facing others, thoughtful and focused, seeking always the ideal solution for all problems. The male and female principle here is to interfere or without one another; of their fund depends flourish and fulfill born under the sign of Libra.

The special qualities of personality born under the sign of Libra will be duplicated and magnified here. These are often people who live exclusively of shades of all those little things in life that largely elude the respect of others svesnijih own values. Their highly developed aesthetic sense often becomes a rule of life: in terms of feelings, work and home. They do not appreciate her work, hate “to get their hands dirty” or to compromise the suspicious links, especially as the average considered everything that is not elegant, and do not correspond to their obsession with harmony.

This obsession, after all, he can turn into a perfectionist fanatazam which is not always pleasant for others. This is a desperate need for the ideal balance often pushes Libra to seek the fault in everything that reveals that little detail that spoils the whole. The social side of Libra – Libra, her need to appeal to the price because of its quality, pushing too often influenced by others because it tends to adapt and be what others expect of her or what she wants to become.

As in all dual structures, passes here a bit of the opposite sign: Aries. In that way, mixing elements of the two diametrical character. It remains, however, what is common to both signs: passion, necessity of affective life and sentimentality, and the need for independence. It can therefore give a simple definition of this nature as a “different” in its spontaneous acceptance of certain phenomena in life, nature, and therefore these figures, recognizing those values ​​primarily aesthetic that seldom sees realistic person …

– Tactical and you are peaceful, you have the gift of reconciliation, sense of justice and to develop relationships with other people. To really achieve something, you must have a partnership. Great when you are an analyst should look at both sides of the issue and make the best decision. In all things, and see what is positive and what is negative, but it is difficult to take a stand – continuously measures the “for” and “against” affective and fair; therefore act indecisively. However, with a double dose of charm that you will easily attract someone who will make decisions for you. Feeling leads your behavior. I always try to balance the mental and emotional stuff. Although you are ambitious, you are ready to ‘cross the dead “to achieve their goals …