Libra Love Horoscope-after decades

The first decade (24.09. – 01.10)
They know well that assessment where they have a chance and were not. Real are, and so approach the opposite sex. That often go so far as to your partner give rise to suspicion and jealousy, because their understanding of the duties of love and marriage as it was devoid of idealism and romantic rapture.

Therefore, short-term pleasures become victims while bypassing big things. They correspond to people born in the second half of January, May or September.

The second decade (02.10. – 11.10)
Girls of this decade, the early fall in love. They do not like mystery and want to be seen and to envy. People of this sign believe in love and do not allow them to impose anything. When you need to know to defend their positions, and it vehemently.

Their marriage may have ups and downs, but they will not stay single, because domestic life and the comfort of home for them means a lot. The only means that they do not correspond to the Taurus and possibly cancer.

The third decade (12.10. – 23.10)
These people go through more amorous ecstasy. If you are honest and without eliminating its famous irresponsibility, it can help them to find a marriage partner that suits them best. In favor of the opposite sex, or their need to look at things realistically keeps them from hasty actions.

Their sensuality and mental sense of the uniform and this will help them to have a happy family life. They correspond to people born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius, Gemini. Less likely to be happy with the person in Capricorn.