Libra / Scorpio characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

This is a very contradictory combination – here’s the nature that is in perpetual conflict with itself. On the one hand is guided by the power of research and restlessness of Scorpio, the other is always ready to sacrifice himself wishes for peace and balance, which is typical for Libra; you feel like a victim of what belongs to Libra or Scorpio in Vama creates stubborn and difficult person. Scorpio is oriented primarily to the dark depths of life, likes to analyze critical, driven by strong passions, while the Libra opened, cans and directed towards positive emotions.

On the one hand, we lack the strength and aggressiveness, and on the other you can get really wild. In everyday life, as well as the feelings may prove large disharmoničnosti. Passion can be expressed awkward shape the destiny and life circumstances change greatly. However, the conflict between these two forces can lead to the realization of other aspirations, because such a person carry and develop in themselves huge capabilities that are directed toward how many practical and spiritual goals to …

Painful internal storm, prohibited autumn paradise, no light in the immense chaos beings, inaccessible harmony – this is the psychological basis which excels relationship Libra and Scorpio. The instinct of self-preservation is lost and asks, clarity and logic are disturbed and restless sensibility infernal rhythm of sexual impulse, love of beauty collides with another living remnants of primitive animality and the man continually asks of himself in an attempt serious synthesis.

The harder it is reluctant to use stronger means, therefore, to give up one of his works to free others. Something in him that is stronger than good intentions and conciliatory desire, forcing him to turn. It remains then to adjust their way of life and to the extraordinary efforts that lead to perfection pursued in search of complete harmony. This is the challenge that throws himself if he wants to come out of spiritual confusion that hinders its development.

– Not at all easy to meet you, because much of it lies hidden beneath the surface. Often acting as a very peaceful and simple people, but in fact you are a very complicated human being, far more sensitive than the show. You have a strong will, a bit reserved, others Ulivo respect and you tend to perceive things as a whole, to the bottom. You are more intense and more mysterious than other Libra. Your powerful charm will help you gain confidence in myself over the years and the “maturity” of personality.

You must, however, continually keep his sarcastic tongue, which may discourage other people from you. Take care and about their masochistic behaviors in love and dares to self-destruct if you run into unresolvable conflict. Only if we finally give in to impulses your subconscious and if you manage to master their phobias, we could reach the knowledge of themselves and enjoy a kind of lucid luck, a bit naive or prone to developing the philosophy of life that will bring an active elastic character in conflict with disabilities. Only if you manage to win their psychological problems, you can hope that you will spontaneously draw big things …