LIFE is divided into seven cycles: Check where you are currently located

After Mile Dupori, the author of astrology in our region, life is divided into seven cycles. He explains that life is guided by the cycles of the Sun and the Moon which took me to every seven days, Saturn goes around quarter to seven years, Uranus is so retained in one character, Pluto a decade. Science has already established Hippocratic setting to total cell changes in a person occurs every seven years. Weekly stage have been observed in many phenomena among living beings, and astrological can be viewed through seven life cycles.

Therefore, until the seventh year of energy is released child. The large head and eyes (Sun and Moon), the joy, the beginning of schooling and this stage ends in rejection of the milk teeth.

the 14 year man showing monkey restlessness, imitation, curiosity, play, playful mood. Everything is under the symbolic mischievous Mercury.

Up to 21 years, a melancholy, curves, puberty. All phenomena mimic properties

The first signs of age

Some interpret astrological school life cycles in the order of the planets. Not specified precision, but the first sign of age indicates the dominance of Saturn, and that’s when a man begins to fade and dark in the face, losing weight and height and became forgetful. After seven years of this cycle performs a cycle of Uranus, when it is often said that a person behave as children. He then performed the realm of Neptune, the man is deaf, dementia, poor vision … These are signs that it is going to close the eternal silence.

elegant and fun lovers looking for Venus.

By 28 he performs juvenility, muscle development. In this period man was confrontational, combative, ready for battle. Eccentricity is the same basic characteristics that describe Mars.

Until 35 years ago the man makes a family, children. In this period it troubling dilemmas and unrest due to unsettled, this unsteadiness associated with asteroids.

Up to 42 years the period of upswing, superior success and composure which corresponds to the symbolism of Jupiter.

By the 49th year ending maturity, talents and capabilities are already manifested, the path is determined, a person becomes more conservative and quiet. His face takes on the color of the earth, the slower it moves, starts gout and chronic diseases first. This corresponds to the behavior of Saturn.

After this cycle of life is reduced to vegetating and return back to senility. After 63 years of Hippocrates critical, and 72 boundaries of life.