LIKE Vivaldi: What about you talk time of year in which you were born?

Classification feature four seasons coincide with the four types of temperament. Find your character traits on the basis of this division.

Spring (March 21 to June 21)
Born in the spring are early risers, people who are cheerful and optimistic mood spirit. They are very valuable and not to fall hard for them any kind of commitment. Their positive attitude and sense of humor make them desirable in any society. Spring types like sport and almost always on the move or hurry. Temperament does not allow them to be tied to one place. Looks very youthful, and their spirit is like that. However, they later emotionally mature, and others are often not taken seriously.

Summer (June 22 to September 21)
Born in the summer bohemian types who seek hedonism. Nightlife and travel their mission in life. Their temperament is somewhat “restrained” by the types of spring, but quickly fit into all environmental conditions. They are very communicative, and quickly make friends. Assume that everyone is good, because to govern itself. When-when you know how to be gullible and naive, but not subject to some difficult life experiences because people like them.

Autumn (September 22 to December 20)
People are great autumn workaholics and career is something that puts a lot of effort and energy. Temperament is very calm and emphasized the raids. To get emotionally tied up takes a long time to gain trust. For them life is pure mathematics and budget. They are very honest and direct, to the point that sometimes seem callous, but they expect such an approach from others. Sometimes I do not know how the money.

Winter (December 21 to March 20)
People winters are real phlegm. Their objectivity is always right, and the perception perfect. This is definitely the person to whom he can rely. They are ready to provide help and support to everyone who deserves it. Despise laziness, because they are very disciplined and responsible. However, they are prone to pleasures, or will very rationally manipulate the acquired profits. Were weighed, and their emotions are very deep and persistent.