Lilith in Aries-brave and often aggressive, wants to impose on others …..

The person feels like a pioneer in everything he does, often motivated to its strength and personality is expressed at the expense of others. A brave and often aggressive, wants to impose on others, needs to be a leader and decides to place the others. The behavior of this person is unpredictable and often arrogantly believed that anyone can determine what to do. Very sensual and attractive person who very clearly shows her sensuality. They may have great entrepreneurial skills and a strong will.

The youth have experienced the fear that they will not express your individuality, or that do not express well, so I can too terrible for yourself, your business or reputation, if you overcome this problem can be extremely beneficial for the environment, especially if you help other people achieve their rights.

The greatest fear: A person is afraid that it will not prove how worthy. Its value depends on how something works well and that you can be a leader or not. These people often depend on the opinions of others and may have low self-esteem because of it.

Levels of manifestation depend on the awareness people, how many are aware of its appearance, energy and the impact on other people. In this regard, there are three levels of manifestation Lilith in Aries.

first level
The person is often rude and arrogant, attracting the dangerous situation, like guns, especially sharp objects. They have a very great need to prove themselves and to satisfy their urges. Accented desire, passion, lust. Very strong and destructive sexual drive. The need to compete and prove force against others.

second level
People can be hyperactive and may have problems with attention, are prone to injuries. They love the adrenaline stuff, but unlike the first level, which is aimed at harming others, it is directed to the person himself. You should stay away from violence, and that the conflict does not match the conflict. It can have a lot of open and direct enemy that person can not physically hurt.

third level
Courage, loyalty, fairness. A person can easily recognize evil and trying to fight against him. A person is a great motivator and can help others to recognize their destructive impulse and easy to deal with their aggressive tendencies. This is a person who has matured and overcome impulsive urges. This person has an exceptional degree of reflection and monitoring over their own instincts. Easy to resist challenges and is not subject to environmental impact.

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