Lilith in Cancer increases empathy person, making them much more sensitive to the impulses of the middle!

Lilith in Cancer increases empathy person, making them much more sensitive to the impulse protection. In some cases we are talking about and mediumistic abilities. These people are prone to suppressing fear and unpleasant emotions. Since aware of their vulnerability had to build a shield that will enable them to more easily control what happens to them. Outside may seem very kind and benevolent, avoid direct conflict and instead focus their attention on something else.

They are able to very long suppressed problems until they pass or unpleasant emotions while other people do not withdraw. They are ready to sacrifice a lot in order to preserve peace in their immediate environment. These people are extremely subjective and tactical defensive. They are attracted by the occult, medicine, helping others, working with children, setting up foundations. Easy to adapt to new trends, because it is most important to survive. Failure to adapt as they see frustration, but it is easier to take the path of least resistance. What is second only discomfort for people with Lilith in Cancer is a great stress that makes them anxious.

The greatest fear: the biggest fear Lilith in Cancer is a fear of abandonment. These people do not know how to take responsibility of self-care, and usually dependent on others. Their emotional state depends on how many other people like or do not like. There is a constant dissatisfaction with themselves and support others.

Levels of manifestation depend on the awareness people, how many are aware of its appearance, energy and the impact on other people. In this regard, there are three levels of manifestation Lilith in Cancer.

first level
At this level of awareness of persons with Lilith in Cancer able to recognize intentions and other weaknesses which manipulates them and provides the necessary support itself. However, it does very clearly, not bothering even to conceal his intention. This person knows how to win people’s trust, a very good impression and is prone to exaggerate the emotional reaction to a situation.

He can provoke sadness and guilt of others. These people are great individuals, their tendencies are selfish and focused on satisfying their own needs. Emotions solely depend on the degree of benefit obtained their manifestation.

second level
At this level, a person is faced with many problems, especially in their family. It is possible to have a constant feeling of being pulled behind or too responsible for other people. I can feel the burden of guilt for what others have done. People with Lilith in Cancer on the second level of consciousness can experience the feeling of rejection, betrayal or rejection by their families, especially mothers. May feel as if begging for someone else’s love, affection and support.

Sacrifice for others is good for these people, but not practical, because others can exploit, either emotionally or financially. A person must go through a series of disappointments in life, usually by their families; only when im sorry develop empathy that is introduced into the third level of consciousness. It should not be vindictive or to memorize issue of other people, because it all contributes to the development of defense mechanisms which in the psyche of these people can be very destructive and dysfunctional for further tazvoj.

third level
At this level of consciousness, a person has a harmonious home and a good relationship with my parents. My mother is the type of person who accepts, loves and supports. Because a healthy relationship with his mother and obtained support, internalizing it, these people become very self-confident, deeply emotional, a lot of understanding and empathy towards other people. Intuitive can signal a bad intentions of other people and to withdraw when needed.

These are mature people, emotionally intelligent. Your emotions under control, evaluating good when they can express, and when not. They have the ability to adapt to others and not in order to gain their favor, but because of internal needs to connect with them as with his family.

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