Lilith in Gemini represents the person mental stimulation and a great imagination!

Lilith in Gemini represents the person mental stimulation and a great imagination. These people are prone to idealization of their thoughts and words. They’re very astute and well interpret nonverbal cues they receive from other people. They may be irresponsible, prone to manipulation, gossip and intrigue.

These people have a pronounced sense of humor. In most situations they have accented hands, fingers and wrists. I often wander in his mind, but it very well conceal actively participating in the conversation. They are able to do more things at once. As young people have very strange ideas can be extraordinarily intelligent and very skilled. They can be good surgeons, masseurs or musicians.

The greatest fear: The greatest fear of these people is the fear of rejection and abandonment, in this regard other people perceived as selfish, irresponsible and cold.

Levels of manifestation depend on the awareness people, how many are aware of its appearance, energy and the impact on other people. In this regard, there are three levels of manifestation Lilith in Gemini.

first level
A person at this level of consciousness is involved in criminal activity, prone to lies. If karma is difficult, in this life can be a thief or a dealer in stolen goods. It has the capability of tracing other people who are engaged in similar activities. It may be of interest to the mystery, revealing a secret, puzzles. These people are good in the falsification of documents. There is a possibility of injury in traffic or by the family.

second level
The person is often not aware of the circumstances, however, may be a victim of fraud, it may be stolen or that are emotionally tied to people that do not make her well. As in past lives the person was not authentic, sincere and his, in this life have the temptation to get things or has properties that belong to other people.

There is a possibility to call envy and jealousy towards his brother or sister. And interests will tend to travel, entrepreneurship, very inquisitive spirit, and I do not even know how to channel or exercise. I can be attracted to persons of the same sex.

Threatening her threat concerning suffocation, poisoning, injuries traffic. This person has to learn how to handle the pressure of the environment and how to adapt to new circumstances. The mind can be too quick and active, so that a person has a problem with the care or connecting things.

third level
At the third level of awareness of these persons is a very important source of information can be very suspicious of others, especially when it comes to emotions. Throughout his life, often rely on family or someone in their family becomes a model of behavior that are trying to copy.

Represent solid, intellectual, moral attitudes, based on logic, experience and wise models. They do not like systems and fight against oppression and the media, especially those who spread lies. Quickly recognize the motives of people, so that they are able to timely care. They are very skilled and resourceful. They like activities that require precision and small motor skills, such as, for example, a puzzle or construction items, drawing and the like.

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