Lilith in Taurus-may be talented in music and dance …..

This is a position that can imply greed and the need to control things and keep to themselves. The person is attached to material things and happy when other people depend on her money or decisions. These people are very passionate, but tend towards laziness and slowness.

They may be talented in music and dance. People with Lilith in Taurus is a very important art, whether it relates to music, dance, literature or any other job that they give an artistic line. They do not like that someone disturbs the peace, they are very sensual and oriented material. Lilith in Taurus shows the way sexual pleasure, potency and passive energy that these people are usually channeled through food, drink and sexual activity.

The greatest fear: loss of material or going outside the comfort zone. They do not like changing routines even learn new habits. Do not like to give up enjoyment in any way.

Levels of manifestation depend on the awareness people, how many are aware of its appearance, energy and the impact on other people. In this regard, there are three levels of manifestation Lilith in Taurus.

first level
The person is completely cut off from any spiritual and metaphysical understanding of reality. It has a great need for money, proving, wealth and glory. This is an ambitious person who is able to work hard just to provide themselves comfort. However, ambition often grow into greed, competition, and the need to control yourself and others. These people can be very jealous and constantly comparing with someone. It can happen to compete with a partner who is more successful or to choose partners who will in all respects financially depend on them.

second level
A person over a lifetime may experience financial difficulties. It can invest in projects that are not profatibilni or trusted associates in the wrong business. May be prone to gambling and operations that enable rapid acquisition of money, which of course is not always negative.

A person can have a sense of lack in life, constantly afraid of whether they will have enough food, love, time, matter. They can therefore be prone to the accumulation of things, more like a sense of security, and not because they really need it. The evolution of these individuals depends on how they can understand spirituality. It takes more to help people who have less of them.

third level
A person is mainly focused on spiritual values ​​and however have the resources, the matter is not her priority. It can be in conflict with all that unsightly, immoral, unethical, material. It may be that even refuses to material assistance and that it is fully committed to the spiritual. This person is not a slave to habits, not possessive, nor inclined to control the other, or jealousy.

Because by looking at things this person is easy to create something herself, because her priority is not how to make money, but that the message transmitted. How is the sign of Taurus is concerned, the message must be clear, practical, applicable and in service to others.

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