LJUBOMORNI unrivaled: The three zodiac signs are NAJPOSESIVNIJA

Whether you are among them?


This is an example of extreme jealous scenes. And not only that it is a jealousy that creates an unbearable burning sensation in the stomach, but also included a game of passion and excitement. Jealousy Scorpio sometimes, they recognized it or not, it comes as an aphrodisiac. They are able to make a scene Cocoa Tarantino would not come up in your scenario.


In this case it is about a cocktail with a hint of jealousy, possessiveness. Is this not the same, you’ll wonder. Not really. Taurus likes to appropriate things, or people and disregards the competition. What is it to be only his will or his interest in a particular person very plump. No sharing, no flirtations. Fair play.


Too proud with a very pronounced ego, Leo takes care not to be fooled, sometimes a little obsessively. If he felt that something was going on behind his back, would first have to forgive yourself. This all brings into question his honor and reputation. She does react very violently and tactless.