Lost in Translation-Life enegrija must freely flowing ….

We worked on it to raise their consciousness. Invested effort, work, effort, read books, go to seminars, various workshops, followed people on youtube … And we did it. Today we are one step ahead of your own shadow. What we once were.

Many of us like it. Thank God. That’s why we were able to raise our collective consciousness to step up, although many can make in the world around them has changed absolutely nothing. Yes. It really is. We have become otovoreniji for love. We have become more aware of themselves and other people. We have become more sensitive and empatičniiji. E that we actually lost.

We have new insights, new and Responsibilities of us is missing. She commonsense responsibility to not just accept everything that is offered. Because we humans are able to commercialize even spirituality, and console ourselves that “from something that must be lived.”

Let’s start from the beginning. Our feeling is expanded. We’re not squeeze inside as before. Now we are able to feel and other people, our borders doživljljaja world around them are significantly expanded. Therefore, we can feel and access the files of the soul that we were so far under the code. Memories of past lives, the people, the events are there, more present than ever in ourselves. We came to the unlit hallway soul, to whose door so far not finding the right key. Everything is still gloomy but we can make out the basic shape because we are now bright. Depending on how we shine in seb, and so much more clearly see things that surround us.

So it happens that in passing recognize someone’s character. Let’s dive into the alien look and realize that we know each other. Since forever. Recognize and on us. Two separate souls perhaps decades and perhaps centuries, to meet again in the same reality. I raise all these sensations who know no boundaries of space and time. Start all fear, desire, longing and love that. Neither move is not. We stand in silence watching the stranger to us at the moment seems more familiar and closer than most people we are surrounded.

I rather remind us that we are soul dressed in a suit that body, we go in a different direction. A sense of timelessness and freedom unfortunately most of us do not recognize, but let those who earn the ignorance. And behold, suddenly like a sleepwalker who sleepwalkers, go dormant by others, certainly those from which one day we have to wake up so that we can understand. Because the truth is here.

No, we’re twin souls. No, not that somebody came to be our mirror, our nightmare, elusive lover and cause melancholy. No, we do not have to buy the book so that we can educate them how to connect with someone with whom we do now, maybe even a hundred times been connected. You do not have to go to seminars, listen carefully about it, people search sites offer money for information on how to get to reunification. We do not have to become members of the various groups that we have with us still moaned about how something-we do not have the person who gave birth to us all these feelings.

Do not ask why, the first time we meet with it. We go where we’re used to no accountability for their own good. We take what we can offer, because it is so easy. Do not we realize that we are strengthened and we spoke alone.

A first encounter with the mass that, because the first time we have massively awakened. We are not at the same stage of development as we were before. We can love and feel the same, because we ourselves are not the same. We have become someone else and it really did not mind and adopt.

Other I love it and feel different. Other me now with stronger internal light we see the things I did before. Therefore, these feelings, so this recognition …

They are there to remind us who we are. To inspire us. Initiate, encourage, demonstrate that there are no boundaries, by us in touch with them permits to realize that we have a much broader, more powerful and more splendid than we could ever have anticipated.

Maybe some of them are souls who came by agreement to remain in our lives. But most are not. Just imagine how he played the role of life behind you, but the words certainly were not alone. You’ve always been surrounded by their souls, and related karmic. So, there are many … With what we have now unlocked the codes to identify them.

Therefore, do not lose yourself. Go back to himself. Do not rush turf sold by those who themselves do not realize what they are doing. And when you ask yourself what you are listened to and followed, these are almost always the ones who did not reach the goal that you promised …

Take responsibility for your own good. And when you meet “one of your” leave it with the blessing and gratitude that you have met again, and you are using the recalled him to play the game in some capacity. It will help you to not poistovetitie that role, which is more than enough. If you encounter a continuation of an earlier witness, if the lessons with the help of that person must submit, that person does not leave you. Remain. Without besumučno you have to work on yourself, to integrate their emotions and all that is propagated.

Cramp should never exist. Life enegrija must be freely flowing. Therefore, find themselves in. I always take from the offered just what you pleased. As long as you are with your heart, you will lose weight.