Love and marriage – an indicator of the natal chart ….. Are we going to achieve a harmonious marriage? How many marriages have we?

Whether we’re lucky in love, how much we have premarital emotional ties? Did we achieve harmonious marriage? How many marriages have we?

Answers lie in the natal chart, and it is essential to observe the series 5 and series 7. What matters is the position of Venus, its aspects, the sign of Libra, the seventh sign house, planets in it, as well as dispositor. It is also an important sign of Leo, the planets in it, position, aspects and dispositor sun and a house with 5 planets in it.

If the 5 houses in a changeable sign or the ruler of one of these characters, the native will have several pre-marital relationship. Asked how many, the answer lies in a number of aspects of the planet in house 5 or number of aspects of the rulers of the house. The same applies to the 7 house, which signifikuje marriage. If 5 or 7 houses in a fixed sign, regardless of the planet that is positioned in these homes, stability of connection is evident.

If a ruler or planets in 5 or 7 of the house:

– Sunceneće bring love – marriage at an early age, but a person has to mature. The feeling of completeness and self-realization is about to experience through love. If the Sun is well aspected, it can be said that the native shine in full splendor administration in the field of love or marriage. Partner is self-assured, self-confident, enterprising, good organizer, you great support. The bad aspects can have a negative impact on your self-confidence.

– Month of its deeply emotional nature or the duality brings more love (brakova- if included with the Series 7). Emotions are intense varying circumstances also, so you can not expect stability. The tendency of the native to somewhat identify with a partner or have too caring, protective attitude will bring tensions, possible disruptions in a relationship or marriage .. If the moon is well integrated, indicating the deep emotional connection that strives to achieve family.

– Mercury is looking for fun, flirting, adventure. Yields dose of curiosity and carelessness in a relationship, especially if it enters into it at a young age, which is prone to. It’s hard to be of interest of keep to one partner, and there is a tendency to parallel connections. Connections can evolve from friendship into love and vice versa. Partners are expected to thought and intellectual compatibility, but if this condition is met, love affair, marriage will have the durability and quality.

– Veneraje holder of love, harmony and harmony. In itself tells a love relationship, marriage based on mutual feelings of attraction. Of course, if Venus is not afflicted, and the bad aspects. Strong is the need to achieve harmony, coherence in the system of personal values ​​and aesthetics. Partners are expected to be voluptuous, Nazan, sensual and steady. It is important that the attachment to a partner is not based only on physical attraction, because it will take just as much love and youth.

– Mars is full of initiative, enthusiasm and desire to reach all the “here and now”. Inclined falling in love fast and sometimes early, hasty entry into marriage. No guarantor of stability of the marital relationship, because it is based primarily on the passion and carries the eternal struggle with a partner. The need for a strong dominant partner, but if the athlete or partner has a kind of uniform, stability is higher. In this love affair or marriage will not miss the dynamics of adrenaline.

– Jupier brings positive vibes and if not compromised bad aspects, can guarantee a good marriage, an affair. Partner is an educated and well-off. More important is the intellectual and spiritual compatibility of the erotic. It used to express hedonism, the need to have everything in abundance brings numerous love affairs. In this case, in marriage there is a tendency toward infidelity. Sometimes this combination partners may have a motive for the relationship based on material security and abundance. If your fingers interfere Venus and the Moon, then this is an ideal combination. Partner may have a foreign origin, to deal with the professorial work or sport.

– Saturn- know, but you is not easy. Do not hasty. Saturn connects you karmic relationships with partners, but it does not necessarily have to be the partner loša.Vama intuitively already know, but you encounter played out as a kind of deja vu. In partnership love or marriage are expected to respect the form, or the responsibility and perseverance. The good aspects, provides a reliable partner and long-lasting marriage relationship. Preferred is the age difference between the partners in favor of Saturn to be at least partially fulfilled its symbolism. Partner is a serious, reliable, stable. When Saturn is in tense aspect brings an affair, a marriage in which you will suffer because of the partner’s cold and passive pressure. Do not allow it to last forever.

– Uranus as ruler of the 5 or 7 home or located in them brings specific type of emotional partnership. A person in a relationship or marriage shows a distinct individuality and pioneering spirit. Meets the only free love, which is based on a large personal freedom. It is desirable that the partner is a high intellectual or deals Uranijanskim job as a pilot, an astrologer, an electrical engineer. It is not rare that partner already has had a marriage. It is not advisable civil wedding. Each type of conventions in relation among partners is counter productive. Otherwise, the possible sudden rakidi love, divorce ..

– Neptunje like the ocean, you do not know what you can bring. Are you looking for a kindred spirit. First of all, make sure you examine the real partners and do not idealize it. Partner can skillfully conceal personal insecurity or neprilagođjenosti through nadkompenzaciju make you a victim. It is not rare that Neptune brings dert the relationship, that deep suffering of which you can not or do not want to escape. Always carries a secret, and even the love affair can be removed away from the public eye. Neptune in love, marriage threatens relationship based on dependency. If you are lucky, you will experience a gentle, romantic love and your partner can be a real artistic guy who is interested in music. film, painting ..

– Pluto brings violent, passionate partner that by its nature wants to have domination over everyone, including yourself. It is very possessive and going to extremes. The charismatic and hard to resist. In this case, the most common fatal love, full of passion, jealousy and strangest turns. I do not know if you harder without him or with him. Partner may have a strange character and not quite aware of the activities. Secrecy is his trademark. Love and attachment between the partners is very intentivna, but as Pluto itself, can lead to krajnosti.Odnosno he (she) may disappear from villages living in this or that way.