Love and marriage-Capricorn general characteristics (ASTRO)

The man born under this sign is ideal husband, a very kind and understanding of how to friends and family. Before the marriage is usually a rich life with the girls, often much younger than him, always happy and in the mood for jokes. When you marry the most important his family, as they work outside the home and society in the background.

A woman born under this sign is very closed person who does not like too much tenderness although predisposed to sincerely loves marital druga.U marriage is very faithful, an excellent housekeeper, a marriage can not be broken even if it is abused partner.

Negative traits

About you have a very high opinion, and often others are watching from above. Waiting for others to act and live according to your rules and criteria, which are coming in conflict situations because they are overly criticize.

Interest in the material can take you to krajnost.Volite to show to the world, and you can be a greedy. Sometimes I pretend to know best what is good for others, love others to share advice and constantly trying to organize another life. Too behave like šef.Čak when you realize that you’re wrong and you’re wrong you can be terribly stubborn.


I Famous Women born under the sign of Capricorn: Kate Moss, Jadranka Jovanovic, Nadja Higl, Ivana Mihic, Marlene Dietrich, Sienna Miller, Janis Joplin, Diane Keaton, Annie Lennox, Joan Baez, Shirley Basie, Sade …

Famous men were born in Capricorn: Isaac Newton, Elvis Presley, Louis Pasteur, Jack London, Kevin Costner, Anthony Hopkins, Ricky Martin, Denzel Washington, Nicolas Cage, Humphrey Bogart, Carlos Castaneda, Steven Soderbergh, Boris Novkovic, Micko Ljubicic .. .