Love Horoscope for April 2021


The sun, the ruler of the house of love Aries, is in Aries in April 2018. This means you can expect a lot of sexual power, passionately desires, feelings deeper, more courage in romantic action and offer more love, or at least those that would be difficult to refuse. In short, passionate instincts you will run and run, which will affect the events in April. However, not all run so smoothly. Contradictory planetary aspects, some unfavorable, and some positive influence on the Rams and the ruler of Aries, Mars and bring trouble into the life of sheep. The good thing about all this is that the Rams like challenges!


Venus astrology its sensual gifts almost throughout April 2018. The presence of Venus in Taurus increases your power of seduction, brings you the favorable circumstances that are good for fun, flirt, find a new love or renewal of ties with former or ex, or to revive the passion in long-term relationships. Let’s not forget the Jupiter whose presence in the house ties Taurus brings prosperity and theoretically, should beings be happy and satisfied. In practice, your clear skies can be tinted clouds, because Mars, the ruler of the house of Taurus pairs, in bad company. However, the problems are only temporary and well-being will quickly come back.


On the scale of love fulfillment, April 2018 really can conquer the peak. If it falls somewhere in the middle, even Ujek is good. Venus, the planet of love and the ruler of the house love the Gemini is not in a position in which it can express the free will. This means that you can not control the situation, but must deal with what comes along the way. Mars, the ruler of the house pairs of twins, is also in a difficult situation and above all in a tense and disruptive society (Saturn and Pluto). But the half-full glass is about clearing and calming the storm thanks to Venus and Mars, and the damage will be minor and temporary. The prospect during the next months is great, so now arm yourself with patience and humor while things do not go the way you want.


April 2018 was not the most pleasant month for love life Raka. Mars, Saturn and Pluto together in a house connection Raka. These are cruel planet and it is no small thing. We could go through certain problems in love life or you as a couple to go through difficult period due to some external factors or to a loved one could be going through some problems (in professional life, health, etc.) that will have an impact on you. The best way to deal with the situation is to use the energy of this astrological set so as not to have an impact on you. The best you can both take is to join forces together to find solutions to difficult tasks, even if your strength, patience and ambition to be on the test. Despite the problems with which you will have to face, the good news is that help is coming, because Venus and Jupiter make a positive aspect of the relationship with the house of Cancer.


Venus of women, links Lava in April 2018, are in the spotlight. There’s a connection between love and professional life, or social status. It can also happen that you attract people from higher circles or someone famous. Perhaps someone with whom you cooperate suddenly become visible or visible to the public or to attract attention. The position of the ruler of the house Lava total points to another kind of connection: a love of life and obligations, responsibilities, commitment. It seems that you will not have as much freedom of choice as you want and you might be forced to abide by the rules.


Between Jupiter, the ruler of the house of the Virgin pairs, and Neptune pairs placed in the house of the Virgin harmonious relationship that brings a romantic euphoria until November 2018. If there is an intellectual compatibility and good communication (Jupiter in the 3rd house Device) then everything will be great. In April 2018, Venus, planet of love, is in your 9th house and is in opposition to Jupiter. Everything revolves around the question of the value of cultural goals or common spiritual journey. Love will blossom while with a loved one discover new horizons through knowledge or travel. Sexuality is tense and requires a deeper connection, intense and full of feelings. If it is not accompanied by mental compliance, can become a source of stress, frustration and embarrassment.


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Relationship Scales significant in April 2018, when the sun passes through the house pairs Scales where Uranus is host for several years and Merkur that passes through its retrograde cycle. Love, marriage and family life in the first level, especially when Mars, the ruler of the house pairs of Libra, in your house, home, property and family. You may make a joint forces to solve some problems related to your home or to your relationship affect parents and will lead discussions around issues of ownership and the like. It can be a powerful romantic impulse, but everyday will keep your feet firmly on the ground and communication is vital for your relationship. In the second part of the month things will be clarified.


When it comes to love life, you are really lucky in April 2018. Venus, planet of love (which is the ruler of Scorpio and the house connection) is right in the house that the government, in a strong and good position. Do not interfere with the negative planetary aspects and therefore gives you the best of everything: love, attraction, tenderness, happiness in new relationships, peace and harmony for couples. Another house that we associate with ties Scorpio, house of sexuality and passion, ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is placed in Scorpio. It can be said that you have all the pieces of the puzzle that you need to find your happiness. Take the first step!


The sun’s rays warm your house Sagittarius passion through the first two decades of April 2018. In the same house there is Mercury, is retrograde or in the first half of the month, in the second stroke continues to direct. In your house there is a passion and Uranus, but the more you get used to it the last seven years. This is a combination that motivates you and drives: Blood stronger car, you feel butterflies in your stomach and yearn for new experiences. On the other hand, can bring unexpected turn of events. Some events in April 2018, will encourage you to take a closer look at some of the problems related to love life, or for children.


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Venus, planet of love, the ruler of the house and the passion of Capricorn during April, located in this very house. Before you is a month full of passion, romance and tenderness. Open to you when it comes to flirtations and adventures, a new love will not miss an opportunity. On the other hand, the passionate Mars, planet of desire is in Capricorn. Trying to overcome your reticence, complexes and frustrations that may Saturn and Pluto in your sign. With such transits you could go through tense period and faced with an additional dose of stress. Break, source of happiness and harmony come through creativity, fun and, most importantly, through love. If you have a family, home and loved ones will be in the center of your attention, a source of happiness kids.


Communication and mental compatibility are the most important for your love life in April 2018. For that matter, the ruler of your house couples, the Sun, and the ruler of the house of eroticism, Mercury, on the same page. The discussions, exchange of opinions, messages, and the same intellectual interests facilitate bonding partners or can bring a new love, if desired. Maybe things will not always go smoothly (because Mercury is retrograde in the first half of the month), but maybe this is the reason to learn some lessons, to reveal the truth, that there is progress; you learn the better you understand your loved one, you can talk about anything, including the most sensitive and the most intimate things.


The ruler of the house pairs Aries, Mercury is not in the best mood in April 2018: placed in the house of money Riba, in a square with a trio of Mars – Saturn – Pluto in Capricorn, and above all, retrograde in the first half of the month. Emotional ties Fish suffer from increased stress, probably because they have to face too many things through monetary issues or common tasks. It can be done and the pressure that comes from the environment, which will affect the pair bonds or any difficulties that a couple has, but will these external factors only point to possible problems in a relationship. Venus, planet of love, passes through the 3rd house Fish and says the problems will be solved through negotiations, with diplomacy and humor.