Love Horoscope for February 2021


In the first ten days of February 2021, Venus, planet of love and total ruler of the house of Aries is in a good position that gives hope and helps in the realization of hopes. Social life will help in bringing together, especially at events attended by large number of people and it is convenient to start connection, if desired. After 11 February, Venus is in Pisces, the sign that gives it power, or in poor house, which leaves no room for freedom of choice. In the second and third decade of the month could have strong feelings, but you may not be happy about it. It may be a secret love.


February 2021 is promising month for the Bulls when it comes to relationships. Jupiter, the great fortune, is in the house of Taurus pairs, in mutual reception with Mars, the ruler of this house. This is a good setting in which Mars and Jupiter co-operate in your best interest. And that’s not all! In the second and third decade of formed great trine between Jupiter and Venus, planet of love. Both planets have a positive effect, bringing fulfillment and new opportunities. However, expect to have the first difficulties to grow in order to achieve your dreams. If at any time you have to make an important decision, I think, for what will seem obvious can be misleading. If you make the effort, if not idealize things and if you stay grounded, then everything will be fine.


With Mars in the house of passion Twins in February 2018, is passionate month. Will consume a lot of energy to your love life. We will support the person to whom you care about or you try to get her. The best thing you can do is to join forces through a joint project, through innovation and something useful. If you are currently courting someone, make sure you do not visibly show their intentions, do not be too direct. Choose a more subtle approach. If your relationship is going through a crisis, do not be impulsive. Mars you can provoke, but can lead to quarrels. If we look from another angle your situation, love and business life can be intertwined.


Love Life of Cancer in February 2018, is in a serious atmosphere. With Saturn and Pluto in the house connection Raka common life under the weight of obligations, a joint effort or interest. Maybe you see things more mature eyes or want to reveal some truth about your emotional needs. In the first decade of the Venus influence brings new needs for analyzing situations and things, for better understanding and uncovers secrets. The last decade has focused the intellectual, cultural and spiritual compatibility. Last but not least, let’s not forget that Jupiter is in the house of erotica Cancer and that part of love life funkcioniraće perfectly. Love offerings will not miss.


In February 2021, you will experience some interesting events. First of all, Mars is in the house Lava passion, reflecting the explosion of passion and love life. Mars brings a thirst for adventure, unbridled desire and burning passion. Could this be love at first sight and strong feelings, or events that this water can be busy and therefore be able to make some foolishness and end up in trouble. Solar eclipse occurs in the home total Lava and the predisposition of unexpected events that bring something completely new. Most unlucky in love, you will have during the first part of February, when Venus in the house Lava pairs.


In the first ten days of February 2021, no significant events, but at the beginning of the second decade of the situation is changing, and for the better. Venus enters the 11th of February 2018 in the house of the Virgin pairs, which is good news for Virgin, because Venus brings love, understanding and happiness. The greater the chances of achieving happiness, because Venus trine to Jupiter, the ruler of the house of the Virgin pairs. It is most likely that the situation will develop positively through travel, meetings, conversations or instant messaging. The decisive factor is the mental correspondence. Astrological circuit is more favorable for love life in the second decade of the month when the sun passes through the house pairs Device.


It can easily happen to fall in love in February 2021. Mercury is in 5th house of Libra, where the solar eclipse happens, but you can expect the unexpected or unusual events related to love life. Eksperimentisaćete, will achieve any change, you will be surprised by the changes. Most likely it will happen through the first two decades. On the other hand, the first decade of the most sensual and romantic period since then and Venus in your 5th house. For connections Scales important communications, travel, and intellectual compatibility. Between work and love life can be a connection.


February 2021 was a great month for love and marriage, particularly the last two decades. Jupiter, the ruler of the house of passion Scorpio, is in Scorpio, a passion in the house of Venus, planet of love and the ruler of the house pairs Scorpio. This planet has a great set of sensual charge and Scorpio promises pleasure and fun, emotional fulfillment and happiness. In this period it is possible engagement, and if you have not yet met his love, we could fall in love. If you are in Will think about the coronation Marriage and living together, and even the children. Everything connects couples with money must be tactfully and carefully considered.


In February 2021, Mars goes through Sagittarius and it speaks of physical energy, desire, sexuality and passion. Mars rules the house of love and eroticism Sagittarius. Did you draw that we have to look like in February? Yeah, you! This will be a hot month, very hot, although the middle of winter. Love is calling you and you invoke it. Feelings are intense passion strong and looking for fulfillment immediately, regardless of the risk or consequences. When an eclipse of the Sun, Mercury, the ruler of Sagittarius pairs, will be very close to the sun. This brings unexpected events, sudden reversals or new situation, possibly linked to travel, phone calls or messaging.


Through the first two decades of February 2021, will deal with practical issues in the love life; money and shared responsibilities. Around the 6th and 7th of February, expect more passion or you as a couple to achieve something together. 11 February Venus, planet of love and passion for the ruler of the house of Capricorn, enters Pisces, the sign that gives it more power. This means that the second and third decades to be more romantic, feelings are strong, and the circumstances favorable for love. This is also corroborated travel, communication and intellectual compatibility. Love life contribute to going out, socializing, expanding social circle and exchange ideas. This way of life helps you to enter into a new relationship, if you like, or brings refreshment old ties.


February 2021 you smiling … scenario is ideal for the first two decades, when your character passes through Venus (the planet of love, the sun (ruler of the house pairs of Aquarius) and Mercury (ruler of the house of Aquarius passion). With such a society it is impossible not to enjoy love! I just will not bypass the torrent of sensations, you can get immodest offers, statements and confirmations of love and the like. Things will themselves be stacked just right, and you’ll be in the spotlight and events. you’ll be seductive and irresistible. Such happiness is in part will be done in the last ten days of February, but your approach will be practical and realistic.


The first decade of February 2021 it will not be boring and interesting events. In some cases, may be a disappointment or loneliness, because Venus, the planet of love and the ruler of the house total fish in a field in which there is no comfort. But the situation will soon fix it better. From 11 February, when the seductive and sensual Venus enters Pisces, you come to a happy time; harmonious relationship, the circumstances that help bringing money and deepening feelings. During this period, Venus says a favorable aspect with Jupiter, great happiness and the ruler of Pisces, which has a strong influence in the last decade.