Love horoscope Virgo-after decades

The first decade (24.08. – 31.08)
People of this decade are timid, reserved and prone to testing, when it comes to love. Correspond to their relations based on friendship and the need to pass a lot of time to myself permission plea and honest conversation. This withdrawal from the environment is too often delve into the daily work, distancing themselves from loved ones. Most people can fit them in Capricorn or Taurus.

The second decade (01.09. – 11.09)
Careful when it comes to love. Spontaneity is a word unknown to them and dare not to accept the risks that they love provides. They are very insecure in love and that they need help. They love it when the partner is the initiator of the activity. Engage in complicated friendships and frequent mešalju love and friendship. Their temperament correspond to people born in mid-May and December in the sign of Virgo.

The third decade (12.09. – 09.23)
People in this period love experienced very practical. It is necessary that more and more clearly express their emotions, otherwise they will be other people see as very cold and reserved. Sensitive to comments from other people, especially people with their partner. They correspond to people born under the sign of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. These signs help them to overcome their shortcomings.