Love machine: Three most promiscuous zodiac signs that simply can not do without Sex

They look for quality in quantity, and when they see someone they like … nothing can stop them!

Can not do without sex! We present to you three zodiac signs that are najpromiskutetnija.

Known for its hypocrisy, Gemini prefer to have options – with everything in his life. They like to know anything and everything about something, and if necessary to break up a relationship in order to expand their sexual knowledge, they will do it. What is worse, will never be satisfied and constantly looking for new and fun ways to satisfy their partners.

When Aries comes to their libido is never satisfied. The biggest wild child of the Zodiac likes to be free, once all the test and race your passion, no matter how much they would be available or not. Because of this, Aquarius likes to have a choice of several people you can call at any time.

This list would be incomplete without a Scorpio, the sign that represents sex. Interestingly, Scorpio can go from one extreme to another – or to have too many partners or be totally immersed in them. Nonetheless, sex is a big part of their personality that’s very intriguing why is constantly looking for new sexual experiences, which considers sport.