Love monthly horoscope for September 2020


For the Rams in September 2017. The best month for love. In the first two decades of Jupiter, the great fortune, is in the house pairs of Aries and Venus, the ruler of the house total, located in a house of passion. When the sun is below the horizon (in the evening and at night), between Jupiter and Venus is particularly good connection (mutual reception ruler / triplicity). Venus, also says conjunction with the North Node, which means that something significant to happen, something to remember. During the last decade of September the Sun and Jupiter pairs reaching the house of Aries, and this is again a combination of promising and brings important and happy events.


September 2017 brings thirst for life, love and eroticism. House of love and pleasure Bika is filled with the energy of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Sun brings vitality, warmth and brilliance. Mars is full of longing and a burning passion. Venus brings sensuality and the art of seduction. A Mercury is the current ruler of the said house and very strong in the first decade of the month. This is a fantastic period for research and now some fantasies can come true. New romantic opportunities will be. The circumstances will be sort of falling in love. Be careful with whom you fall in love, because you can easily fooled.


Jupiter you continue to watch your back in September 2017 when it comes to love and relationships, or collaborating with Saturn and therefore encourages more stable connection than flirting. With a loved one or in cooperation with the obligation to share much you can achieve and accomplish in the long run. During September, the more you will be interested in the home and what you have, because it is much more active field due to the sun and Mars and Venus, which is somewhat planet pairs of twins. All who are not related and are looking for a casual relationship, keep in mind that if you do not have serious intentions of love, you can not achieve happiness and such a connection brings you only the short-term satisfaction and complications, which is particularly pronounced in the last decade of the month.


Trigon says that Saturn, the ruler of the house pairs Cancer, Venus, planet of love, happiness and harmony, expanding its influence in the first two decades of the month, but is more active in the second week and emphasizes obligations, fulfill their duties, money or achievements that together receive. Mars, the ruler of the house of love and sexuality Raka, talking about love, which is associated with communication (face-to-face, by telephone, messages, etc.), travel or intellectual goals. All this will define this period. It can happen that you have feelings variable, which can even manifest interest to the two people at the same time.


Through the first two decades have Venus on its side, the planet of love and harmony that is in Leo until 20 September 2017. This position of Venus brings you good luck, because it emphasizes your charm and power of seduction, gives you a sensual aura and bring you new romantic opportunities. Venus passes through the lava and creates two favorable aspects: trine with Saturn, the ruler of the house Lava pairs, and sextile to Jupiter, the ruler of the house of love and eroticism. This is one of the rarer combination that is full of wonderful opportunities, brings fulfillment and happiness. On the other hand, between 5 and 22 September 2017, the Sun, ruler of Leo, with the passionate Mars.


Sun, located in Virgo until 22 September 2017, gives you brilliance, vitality and visibility. Emphasize will be and you will be in a good position. Mars enters Virgo on September 5 and is known for its passion and burning desire. In other words, nothing will be able to stand in the way if you want to seduce and energy that will spread around you will form a very attractive and sexy. You will be bolder than usual, open and ready for action. The first step will make it much easier than usual or you surprised access. However be careful what you choose and how you will act in September, do not idealize anyone! True fulfillment comes in the last decade of the month: September 20th, when Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, enters Virgo.


September comes with good and bad things in her love life. It is well connected with the presence of Venus, planet of love, in a happy home, through the first two days of September. From this home a real friendly aspects with great Fortunately, Jupiter and Saturn, the ruler of the house of passion Scales. This arrangement helps the planet in search of fun and pleasure and could engage in flirting and adventure. This is good if you’re not bound by anything (association, commitments, work, etc.). As for serious relationships, the position of Mars, the ruler of the house of Libra pairs, and that the 12 solar houses, says you’ll have to face the feeling of loneliness, frustration, blockages and inconvenience.


September 2017 is the month for the – connection! Venus, the planet of love and total ruler of the house of Scorpio, is located in your career field, and saw no means idle. Privlačica you people in office with the status, you know, with certain characteristics and features. And if you can support in your social or professional ambition, the better. If you are already in a relationship with such a person, you will have higher expectations and you will want to see progress and success of the people, which is exactly what will happen. During the period in which you help, it seems more than anything else, it means that your relationship may help to succeed on the social scale.


Mercury, the ruler of the house of Sagittarius pairs, 5 September 2017, moving directly stroke. This is a turning point in the three-month cycle in which the connection of Sagittarius in some way been linked to the socio – professional status and / or remote areas, studies and spiritual journeys. The long three-month period took place in order to analyze a lot of details related to the love life or marriage, and what connects you. It can be done and the joint efforts aimed at improving the professional life or to the research of new space; geographical or intellectual / cultural. Venus, planet of love, only confirms this.


Love Life Capricorn in September 2017, has more to do with the inner depths than with external circumstances and events. Venus, planet of love, is in the 8th house of Capricorn through the first two decades. This is located Venus may include psychological analysis of steam, taboo topics, research partners, mystery and fear of love. The presence of Venus in the 8th house could also mean joint finance to come from investments, gifts, inheritance or a loan or common goods. Moon, the ruler of the house of Capricorn pairs, increasing the possibility of love in the period from 9 to 11 September, when he is in the house of eroticism, and then from 14 to 15 September when passing through the house and the total from 20 to 22 September, when close to great fortune, Jupiter.

After a turbulent month you can now enjoy a harmonious love life, as Venus in the house of Aquarius pairs until 20 September 2017. Life is comfortable for two, romantic offer will be on all sides and grow your power of seduction and love you more easily. The passage of Venus through the house pairs of Aquarius is even more significant because Venus is a real positive aspect to Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius and Jupiter, great happiness. This set of planets indicates a significant event in your love life and significant accomplishments for couples. It is noteworthy that Mercury, the ruler of the house of Aquarius love, moving directly in the house total.


September 2017, brings a strong emotional connection that will affect your social life, cooperation, love or marriage. Throughout the house bigger fish passing the sun (to 22 September), Mars (5 September), Mercury (between 8 and 30 September) and Venus (after September 20). This planetary brings a dynamic, full of passion, the need for swift and decisive action the opportunity to choose between several options and do incredible events. This period carries you wind in the back, a new force, or restoration. Interestingly, the Mercury, the ruler of the house bigger fish, moving direct stroke on September 5 in your house obligations, just on the site solar eclipse on August 21 and so connects Fish love life with work or commitments.