Lunar eclipse and full moon-What’s this all about?

Full moon is a phenomenon in which the Sun and Moon in opposition, specifically at a distance of 180 °. When it occurs Lunar Eclipse means that the country is on the line between the sun and the moon and blocking one side of the moon. As the Earth is a logical, subject to a much stronger and longer-lasting impacts, but the eclipse is much stronger than the usual full moon. Lunar eclipse will feel the effects, and in the coming months.

What is it about?

During this time, the Moon will be in Aquarius, and across the Sun in Leo. Sun in Leo is dignified, strong, inexhaustible creative energy and will, Moon in Aquarius on the other hand focused to society, empathy, support and service ideas for the benefit of mankind.

This means that you will take advantage of the creative energy of the sun to help others or done something new and different. It could easily be an authentic and new ideas that we have come through hard work and dedication, which can also make us ,, celebration “in some way (Leo), and the group of people we work with or we help (Aquarius). This eclipse occurs on lines 1-7, which emphasizes the relationship between us and other people.

How do opposition never easy, it would mean that we might feel resistance in relation to what we do for others, especially partners. Maybe this is not in accordance with our principles and beliefs (Leo), but it certainly is the road to transformation (Aquarius). At the same time symbolic of the opposition is the awareness, awareness of reform, about myself, about others, about love, and that we have in the past experienced more from their point of view.

This means that consciousness may be a logical understanding of the causes and consequences of situations that we have experienced, and transformed the consciousness that we will soon see (with lunar eclipses) means the involvement of other people and connect with them. Just knowing that our decisions have an impact on others will put us in a much more humane context of operation.

At the same time, the moon and build opposition to Mars in Leo. This is also tense aspect that speaks with one hand on the explicit assertion, I ,, ‘performance at all costs and on the other hand, the need for belonging and collective activities. This is another proof that the ego rebels which in a way has to be part of the group.

For the position of Mars in Leo is nothing duhovnijeg concept of who he represents, but its activities are always aimed at conquering new territories and defend what is his. Moon in Aquarius minds often be withdrawn and introverted misfit, often acting distracted and lonely, which is the trigger for the operation of the Martian energy.

This may mean that during lunar eclipses will loosen things, namely we will do more to keep the emotions, people will not live on memories of habits and routines. Energy Lava will be dissolved in vodolijanskoj idea of ​​humanity, the mystery of life and meditation.

Releasing fears and worries to some extent has to do with the lunar nodes, namely the opposition of the Moon and North Node, which basically means letting flow of destiny, and this is one way of resolving karma. In this case we can solve the collective debt (Aquarius) and energy Lava move to a higher level of consciousness (Aquarius).

The month will also make and trine to Jupiter in Libra. This aspect of harmony shaping interpersonal relations and partnership by giving them a special level of awareness and understanding (Jupiter), based on the previous release, perceptions and letting destiny flows (Moon Opposition North Node).

Jupiter contributes to the spread of diplomacy, harmony, beauty and unity, and the emotional knowledge and security (Moon) on the needs of other human beings, animals, nature, insects … (Aquarius). As we become aware of ourselves (the Sun in Leo), we become aware of the environment (Moon in Aquarius) and we are able to use this knowledge for harmonization, resolve and retention of those interpersonal relationships that are really important to us.

At the same time, we will be able to help in that we give what we have, whether self-confidence, advice, energy (the sun) to the person in need, functional and practical.