Lunar Eclipse-Menstrual Month

Lunar Eclipse and … Bloody Moon Eclipses occur when the Earth, Sun and Moon in the same line. When the moon is between the Earth and the Sun, it blocks sunlight, but our sun works black, a so-called solar eclipse. This eclipse is often not visible in its entirety.

On the other hand, the lunar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, namely, the moon is in Earth’s shadow, and as the sun’s rays refracted through the Earth’s shadow get something like the red moon, or as it is called the Blood Moon.

This Month Menstrual relating to women’s increased sensitivity, intuition and certainly individuality. The moon is in Leo, so further strengthens the female principle, giving it a special integrity, redefined in relation to the previous period. The sun is in Aquarius, and talk about men, husbands, partners who are not in an enviable position too, women are the ones who decide whether to do something or not, in which direction the relationship will go, how to work a job and the like.

Do not forget the moon is home, house, family, and instincts, needs, habits, childhood. Through this eclipse forgive fears in a way peculiar to Leo, courage, dignity and style. Sun presented in Aquarius stands opposite the Moon in Leo speaks about the difference of the individual and the collective, on a personal level, this means that we can either bow or others will keep their style.

This is very pronounced in those individuals who had previously been affected by Saturn in any way, but they had a constant feeling that something must be, and that things happen independently of their operation. There will now reverse the roles.

Moon in Leo far as emotional control and maintenance of the creative balance in relationships and emotional relationship with the environment. This would mean that in these days of set limits in relation to other people, to consciously decide and put know where our position in this respect. Moon is in opposition to Venus, but this need for freedom even stronger. This is not to suffer the border, rebuke, criticism, things are made intuitive and impulsive.

Lav as a fiery character react in time and passion, but is aware of the obligations and responsibilities. It is still a fixed sign, and fixed signs all the essential security. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. Their primal fear is that what they are doing is not good enough for people to accept and love must be a better, more ambitious, more beautiful, younger, richer.

In this respect their access to emotional relationships with the beginning of the relationship is always cold and reserved, and only when they feel completely confident expressing their vulnerability, and even then have exceptional defense mechanisms that justify their emotional rezevrisanost.

Given that a lot of time invested in a relationship, eventually becoming too overprotective towards your partner, striving for control connections. In fixed signs nothing is left to chance and nothing goes without their issues, because they have excellent sensors for injustice.

So, the Moon in a fixed sign Venus in the sign fixed returns bunt and perseverance in order to actually extract the porvšinu and call spade a spade. The lion is a symbol of pride and pride, so be careful with this, especially when we decide the position of these concepts.

For a man of exceptional importance of having prenatal lunar and solar eclipses, namely the one that occurred shortly before his birth. Most often viewed whether a birth occurred solar or lunar eclipse. Depending on the sign in which the eclipse occurred, check the person’s natal chart and based on it can be seen that the field is affected by the eclipse, so to speak.

If a birth occurred Solar Eclipse, the focus is on the fact that people in this life do something for the environment or in relation to that field in which there is an eclipse. For example, if the eclipse happens in the fourth field of the family, it is very likely that a person will feel that does not belong to the middle and very early to feel the urge to get away from the family and the community in which she was born.

On the other hand, the Lunar ECHR is more about karmic lessons, precisely what in this life we ​​need to learn, these are some things that we can not always have a direct impact, but rather through other people. At the same time, these lessons can be very significant for us because it is about the subconscious, habits, fears and soul in general can be more painful than the lessons obtained solar eclipse.

Certainly, when we determine the lessons that are important to us, we must first determine what type eklispe is concerned, and then a field in which the eclipse falls. This field will later explain the essence of the eclipse. Of course, there are aspects that dispositor is also necessary to take into account.

This Lunar Eclipse as already explained happens in Leo, so each character will have a different impact. Depending on your Ascendant, the impact will be felt in certain fields.


Ascendant Sagittarius will feel the changes in the field of love, especially if you need to make a decision and finally choose which side. The problem is compounded if the scrambled and families.

Taurus ascendant fought for voice, independence and its place in the sun. Nervousness, tension, anticipation, conflicts with male family members. These days may sign contracts for the sale of real estate or negotiate new contracts.

Gemini ascendant want to impose their way of thinking, but all the drama going on in the area of ​​travel, writing, communication. Questions are different conditions and requires greater independence at work, but at the cost of giving up on what it was in the previous period.

Cancer ascendant in this lunar eclipse is reviewing its financial contribution and somehow managed to failures attributed to personal commitment. Excessive criticism strikes fear and uncertainty, there is no need for that. Maybe we should do a different financial plan.

Leo Ascendant will through this lunar eclipse will be able to become aware of all your fears and frustrations of the previous period. This is the right moment for repentance and release control. Some things just can not depend on you. The sooner you realize this, the better for you.

Ascendant Virgo clears things with what he wants now, and what it can achieve. Are possible disappointments in friendship, especially those long-term.

Libra ascendant may experience challenges in the business sphere where it will be in a position to openly conflicts with people in position, as openly and passionately defend their ideas. It is possible that the idea is too progressive and far-fetched now, but we need to focus on what is practical. Avoid conflict at all costs.

Ascendant Scorpio has a need for change, transformation, changing environment, business, and even partners. He needs to escape from the obligations and responsibilities, which is particularly pronounced because the tension builds up from the previous period. Running away is a good solution, but only temporarily.

Ascendant Sagittarius will experience changes to the financial plan, which is manifested by a circle or a contract termination with the same bank or starting new projects. Come up with important and positive changes, especially in the area of ​​education, learning, further training.

Capricorn ascendant can relive the drama on the theme of marriage and jealousy. It opens up issues of trust, belonging, love, and control, obsession and fear of losing a loved one. It is good time for meditation or talking with a therapist.

Aquarius ascendant experiencing changes in the field of partnerships and activities that are manifested in this direction. It seems almost impossible for someone to adapt our policies and we theirs, but there is no other option but reasonable agreement and diplomacy. The solution is a compromise, although there is an awareness on both sides that the needs are not fully met.

Pisces Ascendant will pass through this eclipse cleaned much more aware of its potential, it will be best manifested on the job. There is a need to introduce some changes in your daily routine. Whether the change room to learn and work, or changes in diet.