Lunar eclipse or a lunar eclipse-opposition announces unresolved conflicts and conflicts!

Lunar eclipse means that the country is at the moment located exactly between the Sun and the Moon, ie. The sun and moon will be in opposition.

Opposition announces unresolved conflicts and conflicts, seeking awareness and acceptance. Aspect is also very painful to say, because it can not be resolved by direct action, but awakening that differences exist and must be accepted.

Then the moon will be in Pisces, while the Sun in Virgo. This further talks on the conflict of emotion and reason. Due to the excessive need for rationalization, we can become unsure of what you really feel. As this moon has no limits, because it is in Pisces, be pliable, depressed, destructive, prone to risks, idealization. On the other hand, the reaction of the Month will further reinforce the fear, pride, ego manipulation, but a person to make decisions convinced that rational, although they are really driven by emotions.

We can say that we will miss a clear structure, perspective, because we will be prone to the criticism of others, perfectionism, this time will not be practical, as long as you are doing so.

Nemanja perspective on the one hand and nervousness, with other illusions, will force us to go into open conflict.

During this period, Moon in Pisces will make a square to Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, which will bring aggression and constraints that we seek to impose our dear people. And it will be a pretty loud, extravagant way deluded belief that we have.

At a higher, meta-level, gives us the opportunity to see his shadow (the Moon), all fears and uncertainties, of which the unconditional and understanding manner (Fish), we can create (Sun) environment that will effectively serve (Virgo) our development. This lunar eclipse will be most felt Device, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Message for Lunar eclipse:

Eclipsed his work that does not serve humanity, never your thoughts and emotions that serve!