Lunar node – and Rahu Ketu-Rahu and Ketu represent two parts one being …..

The story of the nodes is somewhat complex as opposed to the story of the other planets, and the reason for this is very interesting, as we will see. In order to understand the nature of the lunar nodes, known as Rahu and Ketu, we need to begin to say what exactly are nodes. After that, the story will expand on special Rahu that presents the North Node, and then Ketua representing South Node.

Right at the beginning, the name of the shadowy planets, we can see that their nature is expressed in an unusual way. For Rahu and Ketu can be said that the shadowy planet because it does not exist in the material universe. Also causing eclipse of the sun and moon subtracting somehow light, creating a shadow.

Rahu and Ketu represent the two parts of the being. Rahu represents the head, and Ketu body tail. Rahu is the cause and consequence of Ketu. Rahu’s head that has ideas, and Ketu is a body that turns ideas into reality. Rahu shape our future, while Ketu us back to the past. Thus we can enumerate indefinitely and to play with the pairs of opposites, but they could not understand them completely if you do not speak any of the creatures and how they have become.

churning of the ocean
We have already said that they are parts of one being, or rather Vasukija, leader of the Naga, or snake.

In ancient times there was a war between the devas and asuras. Forces of order and chaos, light and darkness. Vasuki is wanted between the warring parties there is peace and that is why he went to Vishnu and presented his own plan. Vishnu initially refused to agree to Vasukijem, but since Vasuki persisted Vishnu finally agreed. Vasuki proposed by the warring parties together to create peace and harmony in the universe. Voluntary carried the body of the mountain Meru, the warring parties have started to pull in opposite directions. Deve Vasukija held by the tail, and head for the asuras. The idea was that the churning of the ocean, the ocean of the mind, create amrit, the nectar of immortality, which will all be equally divided.

From the ocean came out Kamadenu (wish-fulfilling cow), Učajšravas (Heavenly Horse), Varuna (the goddess of intoxicants), and after her came the apsaras, nymphs, deceivers and seductress. Pariđataka (wood that grants wishes), Lakshmi (goddess of abundance and wealth, Vishnu’s wife), halahala poison that Shiva drank saving both camels and asuras certain death. And finally appeared Danvantari (divine healer) carrying a amrita and knowledge of plants, diseases and healing.

At that moment something happened which was Vasuki presumed that it can happen. Devas amrita appropriated for himself and did not want to share it with mats. Asure were tortured by holding all the time Vasukija head, suffering with it his poison breath, so I did not have the strength to oppose the camels, which have since tasted amrita.

Later, according to the plan, Vasuki sneaked camels to them amrita and at that moment a deal with Vishnu came into effect. Feigning anger Vishnu drive Vasuki cut off his head, but as he had in the meantime a pitcher with amrita became immortal. So halved was still alive, but what was the one being divided into two parts.

How to deal ordered two halves have been sent to two different ends of the Earth to look for each other forever.

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