Lunar node and spiritual journey-what we show, what we direct?

How lunar node essential for the spiritual path, past lives and karma? What they can tell us about our closer focus and aspirations in this incarnation? What do we show what we are directing?

Let’s start from the beginning. Lunar node represent points where the Moon intersects the sun’s path. We have the North Node, which is also known by the name Dragon’s head, and the South Node-Dragon’s tail.

As the soul evolves through life, it exceeds određne learned through practical experience, and the fact that there is no stagnation and all the changes, it needs to be constantly evolving. This means that when you manage to pass a certain experiential lessons and experience, the soul gives itself the task of experiential November. It is here that lunar node play a significant role.

South lunar node will show the setting of the nativity that last lesson we learned and mastered successfully. What we like to experience the past, perhaps through more life, not just one. For that we have a richer experience as a soul, what we have PhDs.

North Node shows us what it is that we learn much through this life. What lessons have not yet mastered, where we were unfamiliar terrain, through what we need to build, what we want to learn experientially.

What now has to do this karma?

So how are lunar node always across from each other, it is clear that they are two opposites. So now we play the opposite role to the one we used to play. Which in this specific case means that if we go through past lives doctorate lesson through Aries eg., We have learned to deal with yourself, to put the focus on their own will, to get what we want, to be a man of action … In these lives learning this lesson we may sometimes be selfish, but we were so scene investigator for the needs of other people. Now with the opposite-sign Libra, we learn to relate to others, to find the reciprocal relationships and focus to move themselves to the partnership. Or to independence to interdependence.

Are these the lessons that we learn to paint now?

Absolutely no. Although the North Node in astrology is considered the beneficial point, we can say that it represents a great lesson that we have to overcome that. learn. Which in most cases is not so easy. After the inertia of things, the experience that we have recently experienced the last life / lives, we were so close, familiar and fresh in the memory. So that these skills are learned and now expressed through us. We have an innate talent right through the South Node and the North Node in its symbolism and talents now we gain in this life.

So when you start living the turbulence we will always go by inertia that reacts to the old mode learned. And then we will experience little warning through life experience that will direct us to the second choice – the choice of a new response.

And to actually achieve blanas on your spiritual path?

So what we will be ready to work on new things that represents North lunar node. A talent that we have brought into this life with the South Node should help us in this. To be a support system and not the primary choice of response. If, for example. in this life should have and gain experience spiritualist, a person who is engaged in spiritual work a doctorate in the lesson work by using Hg mind and logic, it is these talents you need to help your spiritual work is organized in a stable and focused way to what is certain segments need and logic. Can not be return to the old patterns, and doing jobs that will uklučjuju only logic and solid form, but should go into the unknown, where the soul is called the mystic and feelings.

So, to wrap up the story, North Node represents the path that we have chosen to go in this life. Although it can be challenging because it is unknown to move the way we passed. However, the beneficial this point, we are able to go and when we step on the way, the soul will feel the expansion and the feeling that everything is done just right. Of course, using that. aid already acquired talents of the South Node.