Lunar node-How nodes act? (Astrology)

In today’s astrology all the widespread opinion about the importance of nodes. Unlike the eastern, western astrology is prone to simple explanations of these points by interpreting them mostly positive (north node) and negative operation (south node). However, they have a much more complex meaning in the life of each of us. Lunar node by nature malefic Rahu or may be a benefactor. But everything after that on and take it. When the destructive Pluto is against them says the angel, and when you give, Jupiter is a real stingy. However, they have little to do with ordinary, everyday things. Rahu is a quick, sharp, brave, unpredictable, eager and extroverted. It is active during the day and causes a great need for independence and gives great motivation in everything they do, especially when it aspires freedom. Gives ingenuity and all the sudden discovery and insights. On the other hand, Ketu is subtle or violent, weird, full of illusion, delusion and fog. He is active at night and causes spiritual needs, gives intuition and desire to discover secrets, lucidity and great sensibility. I Rahu and Ketu causing unusual circumstances, stir up the spirit and bring sudden (sometimes treacherous) changes. They should never be interpreted separately, but only as a set of opposing traits between them must find the golden mean. In fact, they are much more powerful than any planet, even from all the stars together! We strongly activated the homes they like planets that have resorted to them. Rahu more influence on air and water (Mercury, Venus, Saturn) and Ketu the fiery planets (Mars, for example) and Jupiter. Further, Rahu is correlated to the mental and emotional personality structure and mother (indicating karmic effects to this field), while Ketu shows the influence of Karma on it and the male line (father). If we, in the simplest way, trying to explain their impact on our lives, we could say that we are the southern node represents exactly what we talk until North what we should be. In some texts on this subject identifies their meaning in signs with the meaning of the respective houses (Gemini and the third house, Cancer and fourth, etc.). This is not true, as we shall see later in this text. In addition, great importance should be given to the rulers house in which the nodes are ie. their position in the horoscope and relations with other planets.