MADNESS sign: Four neurotic characters – not zamerajte them! Someone can abstain, while others …..

Someone can abstain, while others in a very tough way manifest their aggression. Make sure you do not belong to a group of characters who have no control over them.

Very charming character. At first glance it would seem that their lives are filled with joy. However, if you try to treat them is not what they expected, and you will see the “other” side of their personalities. Olajavaće you out loud, you host a nasty scene before the audience and play more rights than you have ever seen. When they pass this wave will continue as if nothing had happened.

Delicate and subtle Libra, very true to the mannerisms, and that they themselves do not possess. Rado others will criticize the behavior, but in her fits of anger, not putting her face in front of a mirror. Frightened to his character, and the mirror would be broken. Otherwise her breaking objects around the house is not foreign. It is advisable to leave it to “gather” with herself, but count on this situation to last.

Oh, you destructive person. At the cost of that, if you hurt her, hurt myself, will accept a compromise that would not and you ojadila. When we say “ojadila”, we mean in every sense of the word. Already worn out phrase, but it turned out to be correct, and that is: I do not blame SE Scorpio! If you are nervous or injured, hates the world and is able to destroy everything in sight. It is always someone else’s fault.

The deep despair and depression are difficult phase through which Fish go occasionally … sometimes too much. Their pessimism is divine and if you introduce her to the world, chances are that you feel like. Fish do not have aggressive outbursts that are destructive drinker of other people’s energy. In addition to them, and no drinks feel intoxicated, or, exhausted.