Magic in Motion – the winter solstice ….. The key to success is really simple – play with life and create in love!

Overture for a good year ahead of us begins now! Winter Solstice us this year provides a very good position that the energy level, giving us a much-needed energy to be able to carry out the transformation of the opportunities that await us next year. Tip: write down your dreams. Carefully keep an eye on everything that happens in your life during this weekend and early next week. Perhaps only subtle omen quietly come into your life, ready to change it forever.

Pay attention to what I dream. The dreams of magic thread of our mind. In them is the key to all the trouble that can squeeze up to the limit of endurance. Now is the time that the sun is born! Dreams are our second reality. They have recorded all of our secrets, even those we hide from ourselves.

Sun is conjunct with Ketu and Jupiter, and will soon join him and clever Mercury. This is a great combination for the detection of what is repressed and invisible. The Ketu can sun, our consciousness, reveal some things that we can not see when we look ordinary, physical eyes. Ketu opens the inner eyes that light up everything that we forgot about ourselves, all that is precious and priceless. Jupiter is just that much needed optimism and intuition that leads us in the right direction. A through Mercury in this combination may be lucid and totally funky in ideas. Lucid, funky or something else, it does not matter, it is important to take advantage of all the opportunities and possibilities that arise.

Either way, there is so much needed energy, right next to us, to push us a step or two forward.

Some are frightened when they see that the moon is in Scorpio, the sign of his fall, but it is in this case positive news. It should be noted that the moon is in a very favorable aspects to the axis of nodes, Neptune and Saturn.

The position of the Moon in Scorpio may seem burdened, but this time the position is talk about the possibility of removing the burden from behind!

During the winter solstice, the moon brings a deep, intense and transforming energy. Tells us that the time has come to take the burden. This item many may make the release of karmic loop according to which until now lived a life. All the problems that existed were not here for no reason. Each experience through which it passes is invaluable, whether good or bad. Through negative experiences people can purify negative karmic patterns and when the time comes, followed by awards.

But beware of the traps! The life that we create is only our responsibility, and everything that happens to us, we ourselves their actions put into motion. Must first take responsibility for the acts committed. Only then can liberate deeply the transforming power of the moon. If you reject responsibility, rejected the possibility of change.

The moon is also in conjunction with Mars, which means that there is nothing without hard work and dedication. As much as setting the planet was favorable for the winter solstice, and in the next year, things will spontaneously fall from the sky. The possibility will arise, but without effort, it can easily collapse. Therefore, in this story very nicely turned Mars to give us strength and fighting spirit to win something priceless.

Now is the time to end all that was left unresolved. Close one round to open a new one.

Month brings a special magic, a little mystical and mysterious, because it is the sign of which is the exaltation of Ketu. Ketu is abrupt, sudden and very sharp so that the fraction of a second can make a miracle. And as the sun and moon associated with this planet, no miracles illusion but a reality. Ketu leads to truth and liberation, but if it rejects what he brings, it creates the illusion and severe mental and physical state.

Now we have an opportunity to open both towards its own being, and to everything that is in our immediate environment. What we are open and willing to accept life in its strength, beauty and fullness, we will be happier and more fulfilled with joy that life offers us.

The key to success is really simple – play with life and create in love. Let the powerful forces of nature to transform, both internally and externally. Be open and accept the changes with great joy, because in this way you can gain many Sanjana freedom.