Find a quiet place, ideal to be your holy place in the home

The magic that will enchant us make the influence of the Moon for their happiness and freedom in the future! Read what to do during the reign of the full moon!

This ritual is excellent for the release of all that you do in life is a burden and more of them do not have any benefits in their spiritual journey, writes Lovesensa.

You will need: a bowl of water, 1 white or blue candles, sage, paper and pencil.

Find a quiet place, ideal to be your holy place in the home. If possible, provide a flow of moonlight

Light the sage Okada and his aura and the space around them smoke. Light a candle and thank the moon, making sure that you bowl with water is always at hand.

Write down all the things you no longer used on a spiritual journey, all the burdens that you want to get rid of. Please list your attitudes, emotional shackles, disease, habits …

Say out loud what you want to get rid of, so take a deep breath and exhaling imagine how anything you want to remove yourself from coming out of you.

Closer slowly paper candle and set it on fire. When you no longer able to hold it in your hand, drop it in water. Wait until pruney remains of paper and add it to the garden or the forest. Thank the moon and universe when you finish the ritual.

If you feel intuitive need to adjust the ritual itself, feel free to do so.