Make breakfast to his zodiac sign: Taurus enjoys a sandwich, a cancer of the pancakes

If you are not sure what to prepare for breakfast, you see what is written in the stars.

Although we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the morning we were sometimes difficult in general and to open our eyes, let alone coming up with what to prepare for breakfast. If you recognize yourself in this description, do not worry – the perfect breakfast may have been written in your zodiac sign.

Aries (21.3. – 19.4.): Smoked salmon and pastries

Since your character known for his adventurous spirit, vigor and courage, do not be afraid to try something new. Most people could not even imagine a cold salmon sandwich in the morning, or you’re up to the challenge for the palate.

Libra (20.4. – 20.5.): Sandwich

People born under your sign are known as patient, reliable and soft heart. And what better food to “warm the soul” of the good old sandwich? Whatever you prepare, there will always be great.

Gemini (21.5. – 20.6.): Eggs

Since you’re known as a flexible and versatile person, eggs are an ideal choice for you because it can be prepared in so many ways. Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes – there are countless choices, and you can combine them to the morning mood.

Cancer (21.6. – 22.7.): Pancakes with Nutella

Sometimes you are emotional and people admire you for your ability to love, so the pancakes with Nutella perfect for you – when you can not be sad when his mouth is full of melted chocolate?

Lav (23.7. – 22.8.): Spicy pizza

Lions are most often described as broad-minded, expansive and creative, so expand your propensity to risk when it comes to breakfast – season by a spicy pizza. Of course it was as spicy at 7am sounds strange, but you’re certainly up to the challenge!

Virgo (23.8. – 22.9.): Coffee with milk

You are known as intelligent and meticulous person, and we can say that i always somewhere in a hurry to organize all aspects of your life. Therefore, you need caffeine in the morning, why not your morning nutrition to enhance and with a little milk?

Libra (23.9. – 22.10.): Pastry with cheese

Since the scales known as a social person with whom it is easy to agree, you should eat breakfast we all agree – the classic bun with cheese. No one can say no to this combination of carbohydrates and cream cheese.

Scorpio (10.23. – 21.11.): Toast with banana and peanut butter

Scorpions are known as powerful, passionate and powerful people, so you will need a lot of energy to run all these ambitions. This breakfast gives you lightning carbohydrates, protein and fat sources, and provides a nice taste that makes you almost forget how healthy.

Sagittarius (22.11. – 21.12.): Corn flakes

You are known as an honest, happy person, and so can be described and a bowl of cornflakes. With them, you always know what you get – a bowl of healthy and tasty cereal and milk, you’re going to feel like a kid again. Truly a great start to the day!

Capricorn (22.12. – 19.1.): Oatmeal with fruit and nuts

Because you have a reputation as a practical, ambitious and cautious person, you will not miss the patience to get ready in the morning oatmeal. Make sure you choose the best fruits and nuts that will energize the whole day in front of you.

Aquarius (20.1. – 18.2.): Waffles with maple syrup

Since you’re known as a friendly and loyal, they might enjoy this classic breakfast. The waffles and maple syrup you can not go wrong, and with them will certainly start the day in the right way.

Ribe (19.2. – 20.3.): Donuts for colleagues

Fish are known to be compassionate, costly and selfless person, so nice things do not work only for themselves but also for others. Treat all fellow morning treats, such as donuts, is the perfect way to spread the joy.