Male horoscope! What signs of the zodiac prefer women …. (ASTRO)

What signs of the zodiac prefer women

Every character is different, so look at what that man loves according to his horoscope sign.


Well built, always surrounded by female sex, Aries has a strong instinct to be the center of attention. When a woman loves femininity and playfulness, but will not exceed, either by their intelligence. Special price if a woman knows that commune in the men’s society and who is not afraid of new contacts. Romantic and good lover, in practice it is a great planner, but will it easiest to get under your skin if you contribute to the plans that he ordered. Diligent’s so easy to come up with the money, but because of the extravagance quickly and left without him.


Men of this sign are inherently consistent and harder convenience in different situations. They are very industrious, but they want to have their work recognized and respected. Stubbornness and skepticism are the main disadvantages to them, and often they know to show the jealousy and possessiveness. Although it is more difficult to consciousness than the other zodiac signs, bulls in a happy relationship without compromise to defend the honor and safety of their chosen ones, entering, if necessary, even physical clashes. Know how to dress and have a talent for finance.


Intelligent and communicative, this man is an average pass more premarital relationship of the other characters. He’s charming and loved by the opposite sex, who immediately noticed his humor and positive vibrations. The sexy and seductive, but quickly saturate and want to change. Their wives have always come up with new ways to make them fun and challenge, which is not always easy. They are open to the opinions of others, but too often philosophize about his, which eventually leaves the impression that they were undecided.


It is fully focused on family life, a man of this sign is sensitive and committed to its partners. It also has a strong relationship with his mother, and longer trips will inevitably make him nostalgic for home. Often changing rasploloženje and very careful with money. Similarly behaves in choosing a woman, you will also need some time to open up. Although sensitive, readily seeks beauty in everything he sees. Members of this sign like good clothes, often become a talented chefs and writers.


Charismatic and eager attention, Leo has tremendous faith in his abilities.

Optimistic, independent, easy to reach the center of female attention and he knows to stay there. Responsible in their duties, but knows that ugly treat subordinates. Immensely stubborn, difficult to accept defeat and failure it easy to demoralize. Partner must understand his passion for success in life and always be ready to flattery and encouragement. The worst thing you can do Leo is to ignore or lightly pass over its achievements.


Practical and logical, Virgin men often have a career in science and medicine. Always on earth will take care on its higjeni and look and you’ll notice failures in this field with the partner. Not too open at showing emotions, it does not mean you do not have them. They are happy when women show respect for their intellect. Their main drawback is the lack of confidence of partners and expect evidence of your commitment. But also, from their rationality stems tact and patience.


Athletic and with good communication skills, men Scales are in many respects ideal romantic partners. They have a sense of humor, talent for Charming, and their hustle never goes unnoticed. One of its great virtues is its ability to be easily erected from the ashes and bravely fight back even when everything is hopeless. On the other hand, tend to be sloppy, wasteful and obsessed with themselves. In women will first look for physical beauty, and then virtue.

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Regardless of the physical appearance, men of this sign easily seduce women. They have a strong desire for position and control, and their mysterious nature will not leave anyone indifferent. Money, status and excitement motivate them easily, but nevertheless can be extreme in their adherence to moral values. It includes loyalty to partners that they like. Rumors of unstoppable sexual appetite are exaggerated. These men simply enjoy in bed with their partners.


Male Sagittarius bursting with optimism and joy, but always looks brighter side of things. Equally successful career in business and in love affairs. As a child forever, does not care about his appearance, but will not criticize if you neglect a partner. Almost no one iota of jealousy or possessiveness in it, and most of all price freedom and confidence. But it had also fault. He can be naive, but too much is expected of the other. Sincerity often offend his guests.


Master when it comes to a business career, Capricorn is an intelligent, successful and persistent in their plans. Adept at making money and making contacts, by nature, is a leader who easily gets others for their goals. Although surprisingly emotional, difficult to express their feelings. Capricorn will traverse in a wide arc that shares a woman the level of ambition, fearing that will jeopardize its economic position. Are dependent on the controls, why pay attention to the appearance and behavior in society.


Members of this sign are stable and strong, with a strong thoughtfulness and desire to contribute to society. Always ready to compassion, but closed when it comes to their own emotions, male Aquarians are difficult to understand for the audience of the opposite sex. Therefore, it can often end up with an older, more experienced woman who has an understanding of their frequent tendency to daydream and silence. If you live in an environment without pressure, it means love in return.

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The strongest feature of these men have an innate intuition, so you can expect that you understand even when all the other signs of the zodiac turned his head. Are sensitive and require a person to confront all the troubles in life. A little bit in love with him and expect women to make the first step in the courtship. Attractive are, but also religious. But beware of their tendency to lying and hypocrisy. They also have a very dose of self-destructiveness, and take care of their self-confidence.