MALER ASTRO: Are you luck or Murphy monitors? Who did not start “upside down”, that is not experienced life!

Who did not start “upside down”, that is not experienced life. Let’s see what the stars are set by each sign of the zodiac.

Stuck to the impregnable fortress and does not admit defeat until completely mentally not destroy. Aries wants everything and immediately. Waiting for him terribly fatigued a tactic his abstract noun. Does not recognize the error is not on your life, but rarely anything and learn from them.

Unhappy when there is no one that he admires and loves those people who love him.

Selfish and pushy and never the whole blanket. Ide head through the wall and rarely think about the consequences of their actions, and are often surprised when all the troubles of this world not beat him on the head.

However, there are thick horns to protect it, and a thick skin.

He was quite pleased with himself and his life, until it does not interfere in other people.

Smug, secretive, teasing, he himself creates problems to break the monotony. When problems arise, it turns into a maniac, which erratically winch everything that falls into his hands and poured it out on everyone, without distinction, and especially to those who are least to blame him.

He would be perfectly happy if there were other people that he will raise the pressure. He would sit at the top of its hill and smelled the flowers, performed their daily rituals … until they died of boredom.

Gemini is for the fickle and hypocritical people with double standards. They say that the Jew was a twin.

They are characterized by curiosity and intelligence, but also frivolity, irresponsibility, lack of concentration and nervousness. Often life experience as a game, but remain immature until the age. In fact often behave as they think they should, and not as truly are.

According to others often refer superficial and run away from any seriousness. Pushing problems away from the eyes to them then they return when you least expect, like a boomerang. When you feel your skin to make the same judgment about you sow others, cursing all the forces of the universe and dark as the even born.

Crabs are too sensitive and unrealistic. Often without any visible needs to take the role of victims themselves, because through the suffering experienced pleasure and catharsis.

Because of its uncertainty and indecision often fail to achieve their dreams and goals, and are therefore even more sad. They are not willing not to work too hard to achieve success, because they all get bored.

From others expect them vibrate eggs and that they receive full attention. Anything less is considered someone else’s negligence and callousness. Maybe this is a sign that usually asks why it’s so unlucky. In fact, his suffering and has a realistic basis. Cancer understands that only when they encounter real problems.

Leo has to dominate. Do not suffer objections and criticism, because he thinks he is perfect, impeccable and deserved the spotlight.

Since they have grandiose plans and desires, as well as Full multiple values, Lions are often smash pots of most ordinary life situations. If you do not achieve something really big, your whole life will be seen as a failure, and the luckless themselves, they failed to realize their potential.

For his failures okrivljivaće situation, politics, the state of the science, parents, friends … everything but themselves. I will be very arrogant.

Device are skilled in solving other people’s problems and counseling, but in themselves they can not help.

When you are nervous, they scrub, polished, clean, polish, and they strerilan living space so that guests feel a bit uncomfortable, tense and uncomfortable. Tend to all neatly packaged in the life of drawers, labeled, sorted, and when something that resists falling into a panic.

Their lives are constantly unpleasant surprise. Taman all settled, and the carpet is spilled glass of wine. Just as you lock in your emotional compass, and you do something unexpected, and now again have to question everything, my whole life … appoint them correcting some wrong Drina, and often wonder what God zgešile them a heart to such a fate.

What Vagu most pinching and biting injustice. Observed everywhere around us, and often feel on their skin, and there is always something that disturbs the peace and happiness.

They belong to those people who first Article and then think and think for days then how could they act and what would happen if it was … Before they beautiful people and luxury items. Appearance is very important to them, so that they never reconcile with the signs of aging. It is for them one of the greatest injustices of the world.

Extremely like to play detective to uncover fraud, unmask liars and cheaters, only problem is that all personal understanding. For them, the very fact that there are bad people personal insult. When solving other people’s problems, one of them as their own. They find themselves empathy, but the big question is how much are they in a position to leave their world and see things differently.

Vindictive and quarrelsome scorpion attack first, and then maybe he can not hear you.

It solves its problems on its own, without any help. Not interested in the opinions of others, let alone criticism. Passionate, possessive, dedicated, intelligent and persistent, Scorpio will go to the ends of the world, if he thinks that it is necessary to achieve an objective.

According to the weak no mercy. The whole life is lived as if in some kind of war. Everything is a constant struggle, trouble has always expected and who can not stand, do not even deserve to live.

The problem is that sometimes alone can be a victim of its own poison.

He is left alive to carry it. He does not like to plan, but it is almost always the solution spontaneously impose.

Since it tends to blindly trust people, it often happens to be exploited and cheated. Life for him is just so much bigger than dealing with petty souls and

the question of what it once meant to represent an easy target for scammers. However, when one sees through you, Leo interrupted every contact and prosecute you from your life into three beautiful.

Although not planned, the shooter’s mind is always focused on the future. As much as it is fun, independent and bohemian, he almost never enjoy the peace of the present moment, but worried about what will happen tomorrow. If happy now, he worries whether they will be happy tomorrow. This is the worm that he would never have to be a happy place.

Stubborn, rebellious Capricorns never like to talk about their problems. Terrified at the thought that sometimes have to ask for help.

To high positions in society and business generally come on their own muscles, or people acting with coldness and indifference, as reluctant to show emotion.

Enjoy nadmudivanju and get complex when they see that someone else has something they do not have a strong desire. Then all your power harnesses to be better, but in fact relegated incredible bad luck.

Confidence and carelessness in dealing with people can cost them dearly.

Aquarians are humane, loyal and unselfish. As much as these are good qualities, in their case, they often backfire.

Do not tolerate hypocrisy and firmly held principles, sometimes even against themselves. According to himself that even the most stringent.

Will be happy to lend you money, even if the stack for a rainy day, because there is no money for them excessive value. And when you stay without it, wail because of ill fate and pray God to give them a little more luck.

Fish are themselves damnation. Poor contact with reality, but constantly falling into an awkward situation. On the negative environmental circumstances and react violently Neuracunjiva.

One in my head have outlined how their life should look like and how perfect the world should work. Since they are in reality it continually resist, they will the same reality in a drunken attempt to beat!

When faced with a problem that is difficult there are tried, there will always be forced to try to problem dragged on its territory, in your world ruled by different laws of physics, mathematics, spirituality … This is especially true when you are under the influence of alcohol, or caught up emotionally.