Man Aquarius-seeing eye!

Name of the map: Aquarius (Aquarius)
Map Description: The all-seeing eye
Features: This man is still motivated to reveal other people’s intentions and desires, as well as other people’s feelings, which is not the case with personal feelings and attitudes. She likes to be mysterious and untouchable in love, on the other hand, everyone can be his friend.

Although there are high expectations of themselves and people close to him, when it comes to other people can be very flexible and tolerant to the limits of naivety. The dual criteria in expressing emotions may bring his discussion with a partner, unless the partner does not attach significance of such behavior or clearly see the causes of such behavior.

There are many things, but on every spends as much time as their intellectual stimulation. Problems solved easily, because they are not seen as a problem but as a challenge. Approaches everything he does with a desire to understand, save and transmit to others. He likes to peer relations and works best in a team. But how ravopravan may equally be proud, withdrawn and angry if things do not go as he wanted.

The relationship with other people experiencing very personal to him, and the little things can hurt to distort his view of the relationship. According partner can be strict and often jealous.

This man does not tolerate secret or any kind of review of its perception. Has a strong intuition and almost perfect understanding abstract ideas.