Man Gemini-Mercury and his personality

Map name: twins (Gemini)
Map Description: Mercury and his personality
Features: Charming ready for any kind of conversation. Pleasant, likeable, intelligent and insightful. Often there is no sense of time. There are more things, how he, and all his personalities with whom he lives.

I do not usually give meaningful answers when under stress or problem and how it is atypical for his behavior, will try to find something new that could learn, or device, or design or sew or excavation or sing or … Troubled nature, often do not reveals the true intentions. It came to him as some kind of game where you do not talk all that much thought.

Certain dose of suspense and mystery man Gemini procedures necessary to maintain its reputation as a relaxed and incomplete person. It will often be reluctant to openly criticize the way you dress or behavior of their partners.

Tray meetings at the last minute, it will continue to go and not to answer it, perhaps forever, but it did not hurt to also appear and continue as if nothing had happened. Partner must have their opinion and attitude, because for someone whose sign is ruled by Mercury, there is nothing more important than the exchange of ideas.

How Gemini love challenges, I can not be with someone who is boring and who does not want to confront. The excitement of a Gemini depends on the degree of conflict and aggression on the other.

On a general level, this man will appreciate if partner has similar interests, if you trust him, if not jealous, and if he leaves enough freedom to watch movies, series, eating, reading a book and talk to your neighbor … at the same time.