Man Leo-sun that looks to the audience!

Map name: Leo (Leo)
Map Description: The sun that looks at audience
Features: sentimental in essence, topping out. And of all this can sing, or story line just as there are people who admire and who you listen to. Partner who charms and praises all his wisdom very likely will be rewarded.

In what way was awarded depends more on the type of Lava. He likes to be courted, because it is a way to show how creative, capable and incomparable with all other men. And even if he did, his relaxed attitude will point out that no one and nothing can disturb his ego. In fact maybe it’s outside.

Lion will meet the same drama to survive inside and out, especially when it comes to love. There need to be versed in the life of his partner, starting from the style of dress, behavior through to people that comes into contact. However, the opposite will happen, actress how you actually do not care and do not want to interfere. It has a tendency to exaggeration of all things, even the problem. He needs support in life and emotional stability.

It seeks to impose a partner, whether career or lifestyle. These things are already aware of them presented as the only state in which he can be satisfied, and that means you will not be happy if his house was not observed, if ignored his question, if his task is not praised.

Generous in the sense that what you loved him very quickly appropriates but will require that his partner has a similar treatment, even though it is not a long time in a relationship. She enjoys socializing, traveling, team sports and mirror.