Man Libra-smile with a message!

Name of the map: Libra (Libra)
Map Description: A smile with a message
Features: Jobs moodiness, huge rationalization and difficulty in making decisions can drive a man Libra to be late in their emotional reactions to your partner’s behavior. Although it will have a strong reason why, in fact, will not have it, it is a weak attempt to everyday doubts all to a higher, philosophical sense, which no nekupoentu.

Winsome is visible by operation of law. It will not be hard, or will need to stand out, I intellectually, but knows very well how it works on the environment and which can be bought. Love and flirting mean a lot to him, not looking at them as a great passion or a serious relationship, but because he believes that the art of seduction and casual game where while all kind, does not need anybody to get hurt.

Often it happens, that very casually perform its charm, promise certain things and in the end also casually dispose of them for another day. See it in the way that your partner will think that he is really in business or obligations, in fact, the point is that there is no obligation beyond thinking about them. Certain unavailability, sets the drama in neviđanju with a partner creates desire, which is a new level in his behavior.

Weight rationality, fairness, kindness. It has artistic inclinations and endeavors to his apartment, and even have life taste. He will show everyone that suffers, because its identity depends a lot on how you see it and the other partner.